Mobile Billboard Makes Unsubstantiated, Homophobic Claims About Oakland County Executive David Coulter | Detroit Metro Area News | Detroit

click to enlarge Photo via Informant A digital mobile billboard makes outrageous claims about Oakland County Executive David Coulter. A conservative activist and conspiracy theorist is behind a digital mobile billboard seen Wednesday making unsubstantiated, homophobic claims against Oakland County Executive David Coulter, who is gay. George Brikho, an enthusiastic Donald Trump supporter who ran … Read more

St. Louis County Proposes Abortion-Related Travel and Child Care Fund | St. Louis Subway News | Saint Louis

click to enlarge Ruben Hemmer Missouri’s abortion ban is a “major public health crisis,” according to County Executive Sam Page. A new proposal would allow St. Louis County to use $1 million in American Bailout funds to help boost abortion access. On Wednesday, County Executive Sam Page voiced support for a proposal spearheaded by County … Read more

Garbage overflows from St. Louis dumpsters and people are angry | St. Louis Subway News | Saint Louis

click to enlarge BENJAMIN SIMON Mattresses are stacked in this Princeton Heights alley. St. Louis has a lot of garbage and it stinks. The containers are overflowing. Broken furniture, garbage bags, and mattresses litter the alleys. And the residents are furious about it. “This is the worst garbage service I have seen in the 31 … Read more

Israeli Prime Minister Bennett says he will not run in upcoming elections | election news

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett says he will not stand in the next general election. Outgoing Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett will not stand in the upcoming general election, his spokesman said. Bennett announced to lawmakers from his Yamina party on Wednesday “his intention not to stand in the next election,” his spokesman said, as … Read more

Michigan Rib Fest will feature performances by Mitch Ryder, Mark Reitenga, Ricky Rat Pack, Melvin Davis and more | Things to do | Detroit

click to enlarge courtesy photo Mitch Ryder. Bring the steak sweats, because it’s time for the Michigan Rib Fest in Lake Orion. Think of all the barbecue you could want, monster truck rides, drinks, and performances by Mitch Ryder, Mark Reitenga, Ricky Rat Pack, Melvin Davis, and more. It will be from Friday, July 1 … Read more

Nicola Sturgeon asks the courts to rule on Scotland’s independence vote in October 2023 – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article EDINBURGH — Scots will get another chance to vote for independence on Oct. 19, 2023, assuming the courts and Boris Johnson don’t block the move. Under plans announced by Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on Tuesday, the Scottish Parliament (Holyrood) will legislate for a second non-binding referendum on … Read more

St. Louis Band Boreal Hills’ New Ep Will Make Them Rich, Or Not | Music News and Interviews | Saint Louis

click to enlarge THROUGH KARL FRANK Charles Frank. Somehow music found Karl Frank. He doesn’t know how. He grew up in Martinsburg, Missouri, a town of 300, a place too small for pizza delivery, too small for a traffic light, and definitely too small for any kind of music scene. No one in his family … Read more

Senegal bans protests ahead of tense elections

Issued on: 06/29/2022 – 13:55 Authorities in the Senegalese capital, Dakar, banned a demonstration announced for Wednesday at a time of rising tension in the run-up to legislative elections. A banned protest on June 17 led to clashes in which three people were killed and more than 200 detained, according to opposition figures. Two MPs … Read more

After Roe, St. Louis LGBTQ Community Fears Losing Their Rights | St. Louis Subway News | Saint Louis

click to enlarge THEO WELLNESS After the Supreme Court struck down Roe vs. WadePrideFest took on a new importance for some. Friday’s Supreme Court ruling to overturn Roe vs. Wade has left Amileia Ladd and others in St. Louis’s LGBTQ community fearing their rights are threatened. “Right now, it’s really scary living here and being … Read more

The Supreme Court just took a gavel for the separation of church and state | The incision | Detroit

click to enlarge Shutterstock The United States Supreme Court, the most powerful arbiter of the US Constitution, is now forcing states to subsidize religious education, which of course is strange considering the First Amendment. Maine taxpayers will now be forced to support private schools that explicitly teach religion. in question in Carson vs Makin it … Read more