Denver dispensary openings and closings

Times are changing in the Denver marijuana space. Reports of falling prices and sales have become the norm over the past year, while businesses small and large have downsized or closed altogether. As the vehicle for all legal marijuana products, dispensaries are bearing the brunt of the situation. Still, new stores appear as quickly as … Read more

Marijuana users wonder how dispensaries are closing in Denver

Dear Stoner, How are dispensaries closing in Denver? Give me one of those licenses. The weed sells itself. Ed Dear Ed, Opening a dispensary and achieving success is not impossible, but it is not as easy as it seems. With just over 200 different dispensaries and the most growing operations in the state, Denver has … Read more

Denver Marijuana Report: Eight Neighborhoods Banned for Marijuana Businesses

Five Denver neighborhoods have the majority of the city’s commercial marijuana growing operations, according to a report from the Department of Excise and Licensing. Before there were location rules for medical marijuana businesses in Denver, dispensary and grow owners struggled to find property owners who would rent space to federally illegal businesses. Many of these … Read more