Explore the Australian Museum after dark with Nights at the Museum

Museum visitors will finally be able to live out their Larry Daley dreams, with the australian museum keeping the doors open a little later every Thursday during May and June. Not only will you be able to explore AM’s current exhibits after dark, but Nights at the Museum it will also offer a stacked list … Read more

Sydney Comedy Festival Review: Cameron James – Electric Dreams

Nostalgia. It can happen to anyone, at any time. The song that plays, the movie you saw, the memory you found in your parents’ closet. They can spark memories of a time and place you may have thought you had forgotten. It’s those feelings of going back, reminiscing, and sometimes shrugging your shoulders that cameron … Read more

Sydney Comedy Festival: Greg Larsen – We all have bloody thoughts

There couldn’t be a more fitting title for a comedy show. We all have bloody thoughts is exactly what you’d expect from a comedian who is known for his rather garish tirades, especially his appearances on the now-defunct ‘Tonightly’ show, various other stand-up appearances, or his op-eds that dance the line between satire and comedy. … Read more

The Doobie brothers spill the tea

One of the most revealing parts of the new Doobie Brothers autobiography long train running (St. Martin’s Press, 352 pp., $29.99) is contained in one of the appendices following the narrative proper. In the section titled “Former Members”, 23 musicians are listed. That’s quite a rotation, putting the Doobies right up there with other classic … Read more

‘Honest, brave and dedicated’: Camp Cope and Birdz shine at Sydney’s Enmore Theater

The artist, known as birdz, a proud rapper from Butchulla, hailing from Katherine on the NT, hit the expansive Enmore stage for a handful of early arrivals. It didn’t take long for the main floor to start filling up as he showed up and dove into a visceral highlight of his 2021. Legacy album, ‘Aussie … Read more

Review: Sydney learns to laugh again as Sydney Comedy Festival kicks off at The State Theater

The Sydney Comedy Festival Gala at The State Theater was a preview of some of the acts that will make up this year’s festival lineup. Featuring talent from around the world, each act was given 5 minutes to impress the crowd enough for you to buy tickets to their show and provide a hint at … Read more

Review: Groovin’ the Moo turns Canberra into a festival-goer’s dream

We love long weekends, especially when they give us the opportunity to dance, eat well and sing. friendly lime‘Inappropriate behavior’. Groovin’ the Moo (GTM) did exactly that in Canberra! This year, Groovin’ the Moo took place at the epic fairgrounds, a place we often find graced by farmers’ markets, expos and book fairs. But on … Read more

Photo gallery: Uncaged Festival – Hordern Pavilion and surroundings (23.04.22)

Photo Gallery: Uncaged Festival – Hordern Pavilion and Surroundings (23.04.22) – The AU Review … Read more

The UNCAGED Festival kicks off in Sydney this weekend

Rock and roll festivals are back baby after a long break from COVID! A new festival, “Uncaged”, has been unleashed on Australia’s east coast, playing iconic live music venues including Hordern Pavilion Sydney, Eaton Hill Hotel Brisbane and Festival Hall Melbourne. Sydney is the first city to be reached, next Saturday (April 23). The lineup … Read more

Nickelodeon-themed emo band from Philly Carly Cosgrove debuts first full-length album ‘See You in Chemistry’

There are lots of midwest emo bands in Philadelphia, but there aren’t many as dedicated to a single theme as Carly Cosgrove. The group which describes itself as “philly nostalgia core” is named for actress Miranda Cosgrove and the titular character she played on the tween-centric show “iCarly.” They just released their first full-length album … Read more