A mother allegedly kills a 9-month-old baby for crying uncontrollably while injecting him with pesticide

A woman in Trinidad and Tobago has allegedly killed her 9-month-old baby after becoming frustrated by the child’s constant crying. The incident took place in Princes Town, located in the south of the island of Trinidad. Preliminary reports indicated that her mother became angry when the girl would not stop crying and injected her with … Read more

This is how Johnny Depp explained homosexuality to Christina Ricci, a 9-year-old girl

“The Addams Family” star Christina Ricci has revealed that she first learned about Johnny Depp’s homosexuality when she was 9 years old. During an episode of SiriusXM’s “Andy Cohen Live” on Wednesday, the 42-year-old actress shared that while filming her first movie “Mermaids” in 1991, she had a conversation with the 59-year-old actor. The film … Read more

Patti Newton flirts with her ‘dark side’ during breakfast with Matt Preston – Saturday Mornings

“I’m a very happy person, I’m pretty easy going and I’m happy with my luck,” cheerleader Patti Newton told Matt Preston, however, “I face my darker side and wonder how I’m going to carry on without Bert.” Well supported by her close family, the Logie Award winner concluded that “you get back what you put … Read more

Russia plans ‘mass mobilization’ for May 9, Intel shows in Ukraine

Russia could announce a mass mobilization for Monday next week, according to a Ukrainian intelligence official. Speaking in an interview with NV, Kyrylo Budanov, Head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, said that the Kremlin could announce the mobilization on May 9, adding that the information they received shows that the … Read more

9-Year-Old Girl Mistakenly Shot While Waiting For Easter Bunny

A 9-year-old girl was shot when she was caught in the middle of gunshots fired by a store owner who chased and started shooting at two people who had just shoplifted from his store. Marqel Cockrell, 20, owns “Sole Addicts” inside the Mall of Victor Valley in Victorville, California. Cockrell shot the girl, Ava Chruniak … Read more