Sweet Potato Takes the Lead in the Race for the Hot Docs Audience Awards

dad takes the lead in the races for the Hot Docs Audience Award and the Rogers Audience Award for Canadian Films. The Noura Kevorkian-directed documentary debuted at number one in today’s audience rankings update. dad is a longitudinal study of ten-year Syrian immigrants that observes refugees as they seek work and try to rebuild their lives in the midst of a global crisis.

Yesterday’s Leader ok! (The ASD band movie) dropped to ninth place as new movies topped the ratings, including Jacquelyn Mills’ geographies of loneliness, which debuted in second place for the Rogers Award and fifth place overall. Coming in second place today is Navalnydirected by Daniel Roher, which premiered in his hometown as part of the Scotiabank Big Ideas series. Navalny notably, it was screened to a packed house that greeted Roher, subject Christo Grovzev, and the film’s cast and crew with a sustained standing ovation after the screening. The screening had one of the most enthusiastic receptions I’ve seen at Hot Docs and will be one to watch. Navalny It previously won the Audience Award for American Documentary at Sundance, as well as the distinction as the festival’s general audience favorite.

The May 1 Audience Award rankings are as follows:

  1. dad
  2. Navalni
  3. american scar
  4. Tolyatti adrift
  5. geographies of loneliness
  6. dad can dance
  7. african mock
  8. smell of money
  9. ok! (The ASD band movie)
  10. Bigger than Trauma
  11. Attica
  12. The unsolved murder of Beverly Lynn Smith
  13. In the eye of the storm: the political odyssey of Yanis Varoufakis
  14. nelly and nadine
  15. be my voice
  16. And I still sing
  17. transport
  18. A history of the world according to Getty Images
  19. I still work from 9 to 5
  20. split at root

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