Surprise, Tucker uses the Colorado Springs Gay Club massacre to create more anti-LGBT hate


He was the secretary of transport something to say last night

The way this story unfolds, it looks like there will be a lot of blood on a lot of people’s hands by the time we know all the details, and “déjà vu again” sensation will only increase for LGBTQ people.

Authorities are starting to fill in the blanks on Saturday night’s mass shooting at a gay club in Colorado Springs and the apparent bias behind it, though we still don’t have a ton of details. We know that the suspect’s charges include bias crimes. But given how America’s most vicious purveyors of anti-LGBTQ hatred have reacted, and have reacted a lot since the headlines started, you’d think we’d have a manifesto with pictures of them and love notes written on glittery construction paper.

Tucker Carlson’s show last night was a breathtaking example of the genre, as you’d expect from someone who slanders and incites hatred against LGBTQ people, and who spends as much time as he does trying to foist his audience on what they don’t know about health. understand for the children they hate. This is a man whose college yearbook lists him as a member of the “Dan White Society,” a club that doesn’t seem to exist but is named after the gay murderer of San Francisco public official Harvey Milk. This is a man who bragged about beating up a gay guy in the bathroom for years because he looked at him funny.

Now is a good time to remind you all that Tucker Carlson beat up his gay friend in the bathroom

How bitterly he complained to his audience last night that he and they could be accused of any wrongdoing. And he did it under the guise of his bogus “stop sexualizing children” campaign, which has nothing to do with sexualizing children, but has everything to do with inciting hatred against LGBTQ people, including LGBTQ children.

In the clip above, Tucker complained that people would make assumptions and guesses about the motive for these killings based on information we don’t yet have, saying it would “tarnish the memory” of those killed. From a journalist’s point of view, he is absolutely right. We all know what a tacky Tucker is for best journalistic practices and making sure you don’t tarnish the memory of dead LGBTQ people. (Just to say that Tucker is correct in a bit of context about Journalism.)

He said Joe Biden talked about gun control in the wake of America’s Next Top Gun Massacre and then focused on how his and his followers’ free speech was being censored:

TUCKER CARLSON: So these horrific murders in Colorado over the weekend quickly became an excuse for more censorship of your speech. You are responsible for this, they told you, because you said the wrong things. You are guilty of stochastic terrorism that inspires violence with your beliefs. Anderson Lee Aldrich committed mass murder because you complained about the sexualization of children. Every time you object to a story hour for fifth graders, or point out that minor genital mutilation is being committed—that’s what it is—every time you say it, you’re putting people’s lives at risk.

Whenever Tucker insists that something is true, stops mid-sentence and feels the need to say something like “which is” or “it’s just true,” it means he’s not telling the truth. It’s like a nervous tic.

Does this mean that Tucker knows he is actively lying to his audience when he says that there is widespread “genital cutting” of children in American hospitals, or when he lies to the white racist country time winds that watch drag shows? Only he and God know that.

Tucker played a clip of NBC reporter Brandy Zadrozny, who did Here’s some of the best coverage of the American right-wing campaign promoting violence against LGBTQ people, and then:

When you emphasize the truth, surely…

There’s that tick again. Once you notice it, you won’t miss it again. If we ever get to play poker with this dude, we’ll have all of his unearned fishing rod wealth.

and it is true


The number of some adults in this country is increasing

A growing number, eh?

you have a very unhealthy fixation on children’s sexuality – you kill people when you say it out loud. Brandy Zadrozny says so. And by saying that, Brandy Zadrozny and many like her are effectively defending an equally unhealthy fixation on children’s sexuality.

Here is the extended thread With Tucker Carlson’s many videos on children’s genitalia. Who has a deeply unhealthy fixation?

By the way, this is completely real.


You don’t imagine it.


It happens.


The evidence is everywhere.


Tucker then went on to talk more about Children’s Hospital in Boston, where they’ve already dealt with bomb threats instigated by pigs like Tucker and the vile guy who runs the Libs of TikTok Twitter account, repeatedly accusing the hospital of “having sex.” maiming children’ and saying it was ‘very common’.

But of course Taker says it’s not an attack on gays. No, it’s when he and Critical Race Theory do their song and dance about fake boy drag queens.

So that was last night’s Tucker show.

Right-wing creeps terrorize Boston Children’s Hospital after ‘TikTok’s Libs’ cause trans panic

Tucker says schools and hospitals are committing “sex crimes” against people’s children, urging them to “fight back”

Tucker ‘N’ Pals is now openly inciting violence against LGBTQ people, we guess

Of course, what people should really be reading today, and what Americans often pay lip service to in gratitude, is all that has been said this week about the people whose lives were cut short and the heroes who fought in this club. prevented the massacres from getting worse.

Richard Fierro, a retired Army Major interviewed by the New York Times, was at the club with his wife, daughter and daughter’s boyfriend when he fought with the gunman and beat him with the gunman’s own weapon. They were there for a drag show and for one night only. He had never seen a drag show before. He thought it was fun. One of those killed was her daughter’s boyfriend.

“I took the gun out of his hand and I just started hitting him in the head, repeatedly,” Mr. Fierro said.

As he held the man down and put the gun to his skull, Mr. Fierro began to bark. He called out another club patron, using a series of profanities to grab the gun, then told the patron to start kicking the gunman in the face. A drag dancer walked by and Mr. Fierro said he ordered her to stomp on the attacker with her high heels. All the while, Mr. Fierro said, he continued to pistol-whip the shooter, yelling obscenities.

CNN also spoke with him.

These are real people whose lives ended or were changed forever after a Saturday night out in Colorado Springs.

As the transportation secretary said, if you’re a public figure who spends a second demonizing LGBTQ people, whether political or personal, cynical or sincere, religious or otherwise, don’t you dare.

No one is fooling anyone here.

Ben Collins is another reporter doing incredibly important work exposing these right-wing campaigns, and he he said something important on the news this morning. We’ll let him close this post.

[New York Times / Media Matters]

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