Summary: Transmission of “monkeypox” from one person to another is relatively low.

Abu Dhabi (WAM)

Dr. Taher Al-Buraik Al-Amiri, official spokesman for the National Disaster and Emergency Crisis Management Authority, announced, based on the current epidemiological situation, the suspension of the regular broadcast of the press conference for the government of the UAE on the developments of the new Corona virus, provided that it is carried out on an exceptional basis, according to indicators and news related to the epidemiological situation in the country. Dr. Fatima Al-Attar, official spokesperson for the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, explained that the transmission of “monkeypox” from one person to another is relatively low, noting that with the follow-up of the first case of monkeypox In the country, all health authorities are currently studying and evaluating the situation, in order to ensure their readiness and readiness to deal with cases that can be monitored.
Dr. Fatima Al-Attar said during a briefing for the UAE government on the developments of the emerging coronavirus: “For more than two years, the UAE has made unremitting efforts to preserve the health and safety of society, while empower the health sector. , supporting qualified cadres and providing all the necessary medical resources to face the repercussions of the virus (COVID-19) and a safe and gradual exit from it.”
He stressed that these efforts of the health sector reflected the positive image of the country to become a pioneer model in addressing the challenges that affect the health situation, and the sector has demonstrated its efficiency to face any other challenge with high preparation and total availability.
And he added: “The Ministry of Health and Community Protection announced that it detected the first case of monkeypox, which is a woman visiting from abroad,” confirming that the patient received the necessary medical attention. He pointed out that monkeypox is a rare disease of animal origin, endemic to West and Central Africa since the 1950s, and there are several cases where the virus has spread in the African continent and abroad, and most of them in a limited way, adding that the disease is transmitted from animal to human, through direct contact with blood and body fluids, and skin or mucosal lesions of the affected animal. He noted that transmission of the disease from one person to another is relatively low, and is through close contact with respiratory secretions and skin lesions of an infected person or contaminated tools and surfaces.
He explained that the most prominent clinical signs and symptoms related to the monkeypox virus are fever, extreme fatigue, swollen lymph nodes, severe headache, along with a rash, and it usually begins within 1 to 3 days of fever, and the interval between infection and the onset of symptoms is usually 5 to 21 days.
He stressed that it is necessary to take all the necessary sanitary measures; In order to prevent and reduce the risk of contracting any viral illness to preserve the health and safety of our community; Therefore, we recommend everyone to take and implement all preventive measures to ensure your health and the safety of your loved ones.

  • Fatima Al-Attar
    Fatima Al-Attar

Dr. Fatima Al-Attar said: It is one of the important steps to maintain personal hygiene and not to exchange personal tools with others, and we also recommend avoiding contact with anyone with rashes and avoiding contact with any tool that belongs to the infected person. .
He stressed that monkeypox is self-limited, with symptoms lasting two to four weeks, and that supportive care and symptomatic treatment are the main way to deal with the disease. He indicated that with the follow-up of the first case of monkeypox in the country, we confirm that all the country’s health authorities are currently studying and evaluating the situation, in order to ensure their preparation and preparation to face the cases that can be monitored, and we have witnessed the efficiency and professionalism of all state agencies when facing the repercussions of “Covid 19”, with the aim of promoting health and safety for all segments of society.
He highlighted the need to obtain health and scientific information from official and reliable sources, and to avoid the dissemination or circulation of rumors that could lead to legal responsibilities.
For his part, Dr. Taher Al-Buraik Al-Amiri stressed that the UAE has made many achievements and is still on the right track towards a safe recovery from “Covid-19”, thanks to the wise vision emanating from our wise men. . leadership. He said that this proactive strategy has improved the workflow of all national and local agencies, government and private, in harmony and harmony to ensure the health and safety of all. And he added: “We call on our honorable audience to adhere to all precautionary and preventive measures, and we also affirm the mandatory use of masks and the application of quarantine in case of infection, and the importance of applying distancing. physical and ongoing sterilization, and other preventative measures, that enhance your protection against the virus.

Dr. Taher Al-Buraik Al-Amri indicated that in order to preserve the gains we have made and enhance the continuity of the new normal life, everyone must comply with these precautionary measures, and given the indicators of recovery that have been achieved. , it is up to us to strengthen our own responsibility to preserve the safety of people and society. He highlighted that the UAE, through the National Vaccination Campaign, managed to provide vaccines to more than 98 percent of the total population, which contributed to a decrease in infections and a significant reduction in deaths. He said that, based on the current epidemiological situation in the country, it was decided to stop the broadcast periodicity of the briefing for the UAE government, and it will be exceptional, according to the indicators and developments related to the epidemiological situation in the country. He stressed that all sectors of the State, in coordination and cooperation with all interested parties, continue to evaluate and study the epidemiological situation at the local and international levels.

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