Star Wars Confirms New Sith Villain Will Hunt Luke Skywalker

“I am your father.” Forty years later, those words remain one of the biggest twists in cinema. Even if you have seen The Empire Strikes Back Hundreds of times, you can’t help but feel a chill when Luke’s greatest enemy reveals his identity, showing that good and evil remain inextricably linked.

While author Adam Christopher isn’t promising such a monumental twist, he does have plans for an equally shocking reveal for his next novel. Shadow of the Sith. To pursue return of the jedi, Shadow of the Sith He pairs Luke Skywalker with his ally Lando Calrissian when a Sith kidnaps the latter’s daughter. In addition to Bestoon’s Sith assassin Ochi, who was first introduced in the rise of skywalkerLuke and Lando must also deal with a mysterious new Sith warrior, a woman known to the heroes.

Along with a new excerpt from Shadow of the Sithio9 also offers a glimpse of this new villain through a poster included in exclusive editions of the Barnes & Noble book. The poster shows a female figure cloaked in darkness, with strands of dark hair rippling from her hood. By the glow of the Sith’s red lightsaber, we can see black claws protruding from her slender blue fingers, finishing off her bandaged arms. The Sith’s face is obscured by a skull-shaped mask, not unlike those worn by Jason Voorhees, Casey Jones of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, or Marvel baddie the Taskmaster.

The novel excerpt takes readers inside the mind of this new villain, where she is overcome by “a relic… [a] presence of an older time, a malignancy that somehow survived, somehow found a way.” A “terrible” voice, one “as familiar as yours” echoes inside her head, repeating the word “Soon”. Waking from nightmares, the Sith answers a call from his master, a “figure, cloaked in darkness, the hood barely concealing a face tightly wrapped in heavy black bandages, in the same manner as all cultists of the world.” Sith Eternal hide their features.” As she begins to listen to her master’s orders, the woman wonders if the Sith will one day “ask too much”.

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