Sophie Turner explains why motherhood has made her ‘a better actress’

For Brent Furdyk.

52 minutes ago

Sophie Turner is returning to the screen after taking time off to start a family with husband Joe Jonas, and the former “Game of Thrones” star will soon be seen in HBO’s true-crime-inspired drama “The Staircase.”

During a recent conversation with WrapWomen’s “UnWrapped” podcast, Turner talks about the “different perspective” she now has after becoming a mother (she and Jonas welcomed a daughter in July 2020 and are reportedly expecting a second child).

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“The concept of family has made me a much more emotional person,” Turner explained.

“Empathy is heightened; feelings about family are like overflowing,” she added.

“It’s made me a better actress to become, you know, a mother,” Turner continued.

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“As an actor, the only way to become a really brilliant actor is to experience as much of life as possible and bring those experiences back,” he shared, “and this is just another small part of life that I’m experiencing. I can contribute and I hope it will help my performance in one way or another.”

“The Staircase” premieres on Thursday, May 5.

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