Sherine Abu Akleh: Al-Jazeera Journalist’s Body Arrived In Jerusalem, Where He Will Be Buried

The body of Al-Jazeera correspondent Sherine Abu Aqleh

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President Mahmoud Abbas attended the official memorial by Al-Jazeera correspondent Shireen Abu Akleh in Ramallah.

The body of Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh has arrived in Jerusalem, where he will be prayed for in a church before being buried in Mount Zion Cemetery, alongside his parents.

The Al-Jazeera correspondent was killed while covering the Israeli army’s assault on the Jenin camp on Wednesday morning.

While Palestinian officials and Al-Jazeera accused Israeli forces of killing Abu Aqila, Israeli authorities denied that they had targeted her.

An official and popular ceremony in memory of the body of Shirin Abu Akleh was held in the West Bank on Thursday, with the participation of thousands of Palestinians.

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