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Dance group cupcakes June 21 episode begins america’s got talent with a fun and lively routine. Simon Cowell she loves how acting shows her personality. He praises that they did “everything you should have done with that audition.” The group gets a yes from all 4 judges.

ethan january he is only 17 years old and initially seems quite shy in front of the judges. He comes to life with his Rubix cube act. He solves them all with ease, and even rides a unicycle while he solves a Rubix cube.

Kristen Cruz makes a grand entrance

america's got talent
The judges of ‘AGT’ during the June 21 episode. (NBC)

Simon loves the “show” of Ethan in his performance. Heidi klum raves, “This was so amazing.” howie mandel adds, “I love how you understated it and then just blew us away.”

Kristen Cruz is a 19-year-old singer who went viral on TikTok during quarantine. He surprises the judges with his sensational version of “I See Red” from Everybody loves an outlaw. Kristen begins to cry when he hears the audience cheering for her. Simon calls Kristen’s performance “amazing,” and the rest of the judges agree.

AGT welcomes various comedians to the stage. Chris James impresses the judges, especially Howie. With someone like Chris, Howie hopes a comic can go all the way this year. king connor he gets off to a shaky start and even gets a no from Howie. However, the other judges give him another chance and send him to the next round.

Kristen Cruz
Kristen Cruz during her ‘AGT’ audition. (NBC)

Funny larrabee lace is a hit with the judges and the public. “That was so much fun, effortless,” Sofia says. Howie notes that Lace was “so natural that Sofia forgot it was an act.” Not surprisingly, Lace is moving forward.

Jannick Holste combines magic and dance in an electric and surprising act. While Heidi is all about this German act, Simon admits the performance was “fantastically good and fantastically bad at the same time.” Despite Simon’s reservations, Jannick heads into the next round.

A polyamorous singer and comedian surprise the judges

Kieran Rhodes He is a completely self-taught pianist and singer. he starts singing billy joel “She’s Got A Way”, but Simon stops him in the middle of his performance. Simon asks Kieran to play an original song.

Kieran settles on “Disengage,” a song he wrote about his battle with depression. “You’re a young star,” Howie tells Kieran. Simon believes this audition can and will change Kieran’s life.

kristy sellars is different from any dancer AGT has ever seen. His routine combines barre work and an interactive media element. Heidi raves about Kristy’s “incredible vision” and says that she has taken “pole dancing to a whole new level.” Howie declares that Kristy’s act is a “Vegas show”.

justin rupple is a comedian looking for his big break. His wife and his partner are in the audience supporting him. He tells the judges that he has over 200 impressions and surprises everyone with the impressions of him from Mark Wahlberg, Jim Carrey, Ryan Reynolds, and more. Heidi says that Justin “blew him out of the water” and that he is already a star “in the making.” The judges are all in love with him.

The Cline Twins take your hockey tricks to the AGT scenery. They are incredibly in sync. They are wonderful to see. Sofia is all about this “unexpected” and “different” act. The Glamorous Aussies he tugs at everyone’s heartstrings with his canine performance. Howie compares acting to “ballet.” He admits that he has never seen a dog act “so wonderfully”.

Head brings his act of danger to america’s got talent and says that it is about exploring the limits of the body. He steps on knives and hangs his neck from a knife while suspended in mid-air. The judges are in awe of this refreshing act of danger.

Mayyas Gets The Golden Buzzer

Mayyas receives the Golden Buzzer from Sofia Vergara. (NBC)

The final performance of the night comes from Mayyas, a dance group from Lebanon. The leader of Mayyas grew up seeing AGT and says he was inspired by night bird To audition. After their impressive performance, the group receives a standing ovation from the judges.

“There are no words to explain what we were feeling here,” says Sofía. She adds that the performance was the most “beautiful and creative dance I’ve ever seen.” Simon even reveals that it was “arguably the best dance act we’ve probably ever seen.” Sofia decides to show how much she loves Mayyas by giving the group her Golden Buzzer!

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