Sarah Palin is over as Rep. Mary Peltola beats her again for her US House seat

Alaska once again rejected Sarah Palin as Rep. Mary Peltola defeated the former governor for a second term.

CNN reports that Alaska Rep. Mary Peltola, the Democrat who won the special election that sent her to Congress this summer, will once again block former Gov. Sarah Palin’s bid for a political turnaround. CNN predicted Wednesday that Peltola would win the race for Alaska’s at-large House seat, beating Palin and Republican Nick Begich III after the state’s ranked primary.

Palin can now go back to Arizona or wherever she lives these days and stop pretending she lives in Alaska. That moment passed Sarah Palin in 2012, but for the past decade she’s been on the political D-list, constantly threatening to run for office. In 2022, after seeing her popularity sink to a new low, Palin made a comeback and ran in a special election for the US House of Representatives in Alaska. The result was two losses to Rep. Peltola.

DCCC Chairman Sean Patrick Maloney congratulated Peltola in a statement to PoliticusUSA: “Once again, Congresswoman Mary Peltola has made history and is running for re-election to represent Alaska at large. Alaska’s great residents are increasingly eager for Congressman Peltola’s proven leadership on the issues that matter most – from fish to family to freedom. I sincerely congratulate him on his second victory this year. Alaskans deserve Congressman Peltola’s permanent representation in Washington.”

Mary Peltola’s promising and historic political career is just getting started, but defeat looks like the political end of the line for Sarah Palin, as she has gone from failed governor to failed vice presidential candidate to failed reality TV star to failed House candidate.

Our long national Sarah Palin nightmare may finally be over.