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Sara Desen

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by Sarah Dessen best selling book for the ride now it’s a hit on Netflix. The author’s beloved characters come to life more than a decade after the book’s publication. hollywoodlife spoke EXCLUSIVELY to Sarah about along the walks way to the big screen.

for the ride
Belmont Cameli and Emma Pasarow in ‘Along for the Ride’. (Netflix)

“The book has already had a life of its own. It’s good that it’s not a new version. It is a book that I promoted and walked and talked about for a long time. To be able to see him take on this new life is great,” said Sarah. hollywoodlife. ” I feel like Sofia [Alvarez] he’s taken all the louder parts and amplified them, which is something I couldn’t do. I could never tailor my own stuff. I feel like it would be terrible… I’m excited. I really am and I love that this is the first and that it comes out at this time when it’s really going to resonate with this idea of ​​making up for lost time and second chances and things that we’ve missed that maybe haven’t gone away. forever.”

for the ride is the first of three planned Netflix film adaptations of the Sarah novels. The author revealed why for the ride is the perfect movie to kick off the Dessen dynasty on Netflix.

“I think coming out of the pandemic, we’re all making changes,” Sarah noted. “I feel like a lot of people have changed and we’ve realized that you don’t want to put a lot of things off. Auden is a girl who is always thinking ahead, and so was I, especially when she was writing that book. I think I changed a lot with the pandemic, and I also changed a lot as my daughter got older because she forced me to grow up and become a different person. She used to be so focused always on what she had to do next. She was always go, go, go, go, go, go. Now I have been forced to be still for a while, and I find that I like it. But I get that hunger and that perfectionism. I’m always going to be able to relate to that, and I think it’s something everyone can relate to.”

The Netflix movie marks the first time in almost 20 years that one of Sarah’s books has been adapted for the screen. The last book-to-film adaptation was How to deal withthat combined That summer Y Someone like You. The film will be 20 years old in 2023.

How to deal with
Mandy Moore in the 2003 film ‘How to Deal’. (Everett Collection)

“It was a wonderful experience. I was younger and I had to get on the set. I have to meet Mandy Moore when she was on the rise. I have to meet allison Janey, and it was really good. It was definitely a bit more distant since it was two books put into one by a screenwriter. With this [Along for the Ride]I really got to talk to Sofia a lot about her vision and everything, but it was such a great experience for a young writer, and how amazing that she gets to do it again. That it’s even happened once is amazing, and now I’m going to do it again and I’m so proud of it.”

Sarah pointed out that without the We are star How to deal with “it would not have been done”. She hopes that Mandy may even star in one of the upcoming film adaptations, bringing Mandy full circle.

“I always support Mandy. I have this fantasy that she’s going to be in one of these other movies. I would love for her to go from being the daughter to being the mother,” Sarah said. hollywoodlife. for the ride It is now streaming on Netflix.

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