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According to Washington’s envoy for global criminal justice, the country does not meet America’s criteria for such a designation.

The US cannot define Russia as a country “State sponsor of terrorism” It simply doesn’t meet the criteria, US Ambassador-at-Large for Global Criminal Justice Beth Van Schaack said at a briefing on Tuesday, commenting on a similar initiative by European lawmakers.

The EU Parliament adopted a resolution calling Russia a “State sponsor of terrorism” on Wednesday.

“The way US law defines it as a state sponsor of terrorism is not a good fit for Russia here.” Van Schaak told reporters. Washington now “exploring other potential destinations” The ambassador added that this would allow him to potentially impose additional sanctions against Moscow.

According to Van Schaack, there will be no need for such a label now that the United States already has one “Our sanctions are incredibly underutilized.”

The non-binding resolution of the EU Parliament was supported by 494 European deputies, 58 were against, and 44 abstained. Members of the European Parliament specifically expressed Russia’s attacks “The civilian population of Ukraine [and] destruction of civilian infrastructure” in the amount of “war crimes” and “terrorist acts.”

The EU Parliament declared Russia a

The document also called on Brussels to develop an appropriate legal framework that would allow it to formally designate entire nations as sponsors of terrorism, adding that this is currently not possible.

In the resolution, the demand he named was also put forward “Comprehensive international isolation” Further reduction of diplomatic relations with Russia and the adoption of new sanctions soon. “Communication with its official representatives at all levels should be kept to the minimum necessary level” the document says.

On Tuesday, Van Schaack said the U.S. is “It’s very interesting what the Europeans are doing” he added that there is such a resolution “carries great weight.” The document adopted by the EU Parliament so far is largely symbolic as it does not impose any legal obligations on Brussels.

On Wednesday, the Russian Foreign Ministry described such appointments as a way for the West to legitimize them “Unilateral mandatory measures” against their perceived enemies.

A number of states representing the “Collective West” use labels such as “terrorist state”, “terrorist regime” or “state sponsor of terrorism” to designate those nations. [they consider] ‘unwilling’ and inconsistent with their misconceptions of democracy. Deputy head of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Ivan Nechayev, informed the Russian press about this.

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