Reuse your food scraps | Brimbank and North West

Brimbank residents will soon be able to add food scraps to their green bin.

Starting Friday, July 1, the council will accept food scraps in the borough’s light green lidded bins, in addition to yard trimmings.

According to the council, organic food accounts for around 50 per cent of the waste in the bins and ends up in landfills. When food spoils in landfills, it produces methane, a harmful greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change.

However, food scraps in green trash cans can be turned into mulch and compost.

Mayor Jasmine Nguyen said Victorian households throw away around 250,000 tonnes of food each year, which is enough to fill Melbourne’s Eureka Tower.

“Adding food scraps to our green waste bins is an easy way we can all reduce our individual carbon footprint, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and live more sustainably. If you don’t already have a green bin, why not look for one now? Cr Nguyen said.

There is no additional charge for residents to add food waste to their green dumpster, and there is no change in when green dumpsters are collected.

The types of food waste that are accepted in green bins include fruit and vegetable scraps, meat and bones, shellfish, dairy products, eggshells, bread, pasta, rice, coffee grounds, and loose tea leaves.

Do not put any type of plastic, paper, animal droppings, kitty litter, coffee pods, diapers or liquids in this container. These items will contaminate your waste and cannot be turned into mulch or compost.


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