Real Health Podcast: The Phone Addiction Episode with Psychotherapist Hilda Burke

In this week’s episode of Real Health, we take a look at phone use and when it can start to have a negative impact on our lives.

With daily tasks and communication relying more than ever on smart devices, how can you recognize when normal use has run into dangerous territory?

To discuss this, I’m joined by psychotherapist and author of the Phone Addiction Workbook, Hilda Burke.

Hilda says that although phone addiction hasn’t been officially recognized as an addiction, those who use their devices a lot may show signs of addictive behavior: “There are some of the hallmarks of addiction among heavy phone users…it’s that thing of, if I can’t get the hit, how disturbed do I feel? If I am without it at night or during the day, how nervous do I feel?

Hilda explains that a key indicator of addiction is when someone begins to put substance before the things we value highly in our lives: “You go to the nearest playground and you will often see a mom or dad looking at their device. . . The kid may be hanging upside down, breaking his neck, but what’s on the phone is more important.”

We also discuss what phone use does to your brain, why it can be a highly addictive activity, and some ways to help you break the cycle of overuse.

Real Health Podcast: The Phone Addiction Episode with Psychotherapist Hilda Burke

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