Real Health Podcast: Tackling Toxic Positivity

We’ve all heard it before or offered it as advice; “It could be worse” or “Everything happens for a reason.” And while people may mean well, sometimes it’s the last thing you want to hear when you’re going through a tough time.

Is there an obsession with seeing the bright side of things? Well, our guest on Real Health this week certainly thinks so. I’m joined by psychotherapist Whitney Goodman to discuss how too much positivity can turn negative.

his new book, Toxic positivity: keeping it real in a world obsessed with being happylook exactly at that. Whitney explains that timing is important in determining when positivity will turn toxic: “I think timing is one of the biggest factors that makes positivity go from helpful or healthy to toxic. When we use it at a time when someone is struggling and looking for a different kind of support, that’s when we can really see it going wrong.”

Even aiming to be happy all the time isn’t something Whitney thinks we should aim for: “This goal that we’re striving for is actually going to make us more miserable because we’re missing out on so much good data, information, and experience when we try to avoid everything in life that is not happiness or positivity.”

We also discuss positive affirmations and what advice to give when someone needs help or support.

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