Real Health Podcast: Busting Food Myths with Sarah Keogh RD

In this week’s episode of Real Health, we’re going to debunk some of the biggest food myths out there.

No doubt you’ve heard some of the more common ones, like the claim that sugar is toxic or that dairy can cause cancer.

Registered dietitian Sarah Keogh brings us the latest research and debunks some of the widely shared food myths.

With years of experience working as a dietitian, Sarah has heard all the misconceptions out there: “I hear some funny conversations…it’s people saying, ‘oh, I’ve heard this or that,’ and then all of a sudden no one is drinking milk “. ” she says.

Real Health Podcast: Busting Food Myths with Sarah Keogh RD

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While sometimes people misunderstand the science, Sarah says this can make people fearful of certain foods or ingredients: “The other thing I hear a lot is that sugar causes cancer. That one has actually scared a lot of people. If I am giving talks, and people are [asking] ‘Does it feed cancer?’ and ‘shouldn’t you give up sugar if you have cancer?’ The studies again, don’t show that.”

We also discuss the myths surrounding fruits and vegetables and chat about saturated fats and the suggestion that they’re actually good for you.

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