Protesters gather for third straight day of protests for abortion rights in Los Angeles

Demonstrators protesting the United States Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade began gathering in various parts of Los Angeles for the third straight day on Sunday.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, a small group of people began gathering Sunday afternoon downtown, where protesters had clashed with police just days earlier on Friday night.

The group of protesters was small and did not affect traffic after 2:15 p.m. LAPD said in a tweet.

Police officials said the Department supported protesters who exercised their First Amendment rights, but said officers would intervene if laws were broken or crimes were committed during the protests.

Elsewhere, organizers planned to stage a protest at the Brentwood home of mayoral candidate Rick Caruso on Sunday night.

Caruso, who is running for the mayor’s office as a Democrat, is often described as a pro-business billionaire with previous ties to the Republican party.

In May, a local Planned Parenthood political fund criticized Caruso for his past campaign donations to anti-abortion politicians in various races across the country, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Since then, Caruso has publicly expressed his support for abortion rights and, prior to the criticism Planned Parenthood leveled at him, vowed to “vigorously protect women’s right to choose.”

Caruso faces Democratic US Rep. Karen Bass in a November runoff election for the office of mayor.

Many protesters are using the Women’s March and We Will Not Return websites to find and organize protests for abortion rights. Both websites show planned events for Sunday rallies in Redlands, Santa Monica and Pico Rivera with additional protests tentatively planned for next week.

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