Prime Minister Anthony Albanese prepares to curb spending

“I made it very clear that there are a variety of things that I would like to do that we won’t be able to do in our first budget,” he said.

“We will also be going through, line by line, looking for the waste that is there.

“And, already, we have identified a variety of measures that the previous administration took that, frankly, do not add up.

“And we will take the appropriate action through Katy Gallagher as finance minister and Jim Chalmers as treasurer. And our ERC is already working very hard.”

when abc 7.30 The prime minister was asked by host Leigh Sales about the subject and aim of the budget, Albanese saying the first would be to get rid of “waste and mistakes” and the second would be to deliver on Labour’s election promises.

He cited childcare funding, the creation of Jobs and Skills Australia, and climate policy to reduce carbon emissions and invest in the electricity grid as examples.


Greens leader Adam Bandt is urging the government to abandon personal income tax cuts that were legislated in the last parliamentary term but will not come into effect for another few years, but Albanese did not indicate a change in his posture when Sales asked. him about the cost for the budget.

“Can you really go ahead with that in an environment where you have high inflation and pressures on things you want to spend money on like NDIS?” she asked.

“Well, they are legislated and one of the things that people have a right to believe is that when a politician commits before an election, he sticks to it, and I intend to do just that,” Albanese replied.

“What we also need is to have that certainty. People made assessments based on the certainty that comes through legislated tax changes and we intend to stick to that, Leigh.”

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