“Pretty Disgusting” Trash on Wyndham Beaches

Fatima Halloum

A grand piano, a horse, and trash collected by Beach Patrol 3030 near Werribee South Beach all have something in common.

Each one weighs approximately 400 kilograms.

The cleanup group has been operating since 2015, and members often gather to pick up trash from the township’s shoreline.

Despite a recent CSIRO report suggesting plastic pollution on Australian coastlines has dropped by 29%, Beach Patrol coordinator Rob Bradley said he doesn’t think the findings are accurate for Wyndham.

“I don’t think it’s gone down that much… there’s still a lot of plastic going into the waterways and it’s a problem,” Bradley said.

“We were away for the weekend, there was loads of rubbish lying there.”

Bradley said the team had been cleaning up “pretty disgusting” rubbish at the end of Crawford’s Road, which had been a “hotspot for a long time”.

“There’s paper, takeout packaging, plastic, there’s things like garbage bags full of diapers… and all of this is right on the beach,” he said.

“A lot of bottles, glass and plastic, a lot of cans… someone had been collecting kilograms of glass.

“Everything becomes part of the garbage that washes up on the beach, it’s pollution and you’re swimming in things,” he said.

Mr. Bradley says there are several things community members can do to reduce debris near our waterways.

“One is to properly dispose of their garbage… and use the recycling facilities… and try to minimize the amount of plastics they use,” he said.

“What we want to do is stop the garbage at its source, so we don’t have to do cleanups.”

Beach Patrol 3030 will celebrate its seventh birthday with a cleanup on Sunday, July 10, from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm, at K Road Cliffs, K Road, Werribee South.

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