Phase 4 load shedding will continue until the end of the week

Phase 4 load shedding will continue until further notice due to high levels of outages and depleted emergency reserves, according to a statement issued by Eskom on Friday.

Changes in load-shedding phases will be more erratic, he says, because of the lack of buffer between generating set failures that is usually provided by diesel generating capacity.

“Each of the Kendal and Kriel power stations have had their generators offline for maintenance since Friday morning. Delays in returning a unit to service at each of the Arnot, Grootvlei, Hendrina and Tutuka power stations led to power constraints.

The power utility says that each generating unit at Camden, Kriel, Tutuka and two units at Majuba power stations have been returned to service.

“Currently, we have 4,887 MW of capacity under scheduled maintenance, while another 15,320 MW of capacity is unavailable due to faults.”

Eskom said it will issue another update as soon as there are significant changes.

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