Pérez: The European League is still alive and its destination is July 12

Madrid (AFP)
Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez has accused Paris Saint-Germain striker Kylian Mbappé of submitting to “political and economic pressure” to renew his contract with the French club.
In an interview with the program ‘El Chiringuito’ on the Spanish channel ‘Mega’, the Real Club president said: Mbappé has always considered his dream of playing for Real Madrid, and about 15 days before making his decision, the situation completely reversed due to political and economic pressures.
Peres, who did not comment publicly on the aborted transfer of Mbappé to Real Madrid on May 22, added: “This matter, in addition to the material factor and the sports leadership, made him change his mind. When we find ourselves in a situation similar bewilderment, we try to get out of it by all means. I understand because it is not easy to receive a call from the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron.
Macron had personally contacted Mbappé before the latter made his decision, with the latter admitting that he appreciated the French president’s “good advice”.
He continued: “Here in Spain it is difficult to understand that the King of Spain calls a club… It is very difficult to understand.”
He explained: “There are two countries, Qatar and France, that have a strong relationship, and Qatar is at the request of the French president, and I understand this matter in this way, otherwise it is impossible.”
He revealed: “Since I’ve been in office, no president of the republic has contacted one of the players and announced it to the public. I don’t think it was a good sign for the rest of the clubs in France. “.
But Pérez did not completely close the door on the possibility of Mbappé joining Real Madrid in the future, saying: Not now, because the Mbappé I know is not the current Mbappé. But if things change, everything is possible in the future.
Real Madrid had made a fictitious offer to include Mbappé last summer, but the team from the French capital refused to give up.
Pérez referred to the European Super League, which he tried to launch with 11 other elite European clubs, before encountering strong opposition from the federations of these countries and their supporters, and of course from the European Confederation of the game “UEFA”.
“The European League is still alive, awaiting a decision from the Court of Justice of the European Union, which will hear the case between UEFA and the promoters of this tournament on July 11 and 12,” Pérez said.
And European Union President Aleksander Ceferin announced last May that Super League competition “is over for at least the next twenty years.
Nine clubs announced their abandonment of the Super League project, except for Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus.
At that time, the president of the Continental Confederation did not want to delve into UEFA’s disciplinary measures against the three clubs, which were suspended last year by a decision of a Spanish court that considered these measures invalid, before the Spanish justice will lift them. last month a ban on his prosecution, while proceedings are still in progress before the European Court of Justice.
“We have to respect the courts and wait for the final result,” Ceferin said, adding: “The three clubs” have the right to participate in their own competition, but of course, according to our laws, if you enter another competition you cannot. participate in our contest.

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