Paul Gallen v Justin Hodges start time, undercard, live stream

Sydney comes alive with Paul Gallen’s farewell fight with Justin Hodges, while Australian boxing bad boy Michael Zerafa takes on Danilo Creati. Check out the big undercard fights.

Sydney comes alive with Paul Gallen’s farewell fight with Justin Hodges, while Australian boxing bad boy Michael Zerafa takes on Danilo Creati.

Gallen will be determined to win the final fight, while Victoria Zerafa will need a dominant victory if her belief that she will one day meet Tim Tszyu is ever to come true.



Chanell Dargan was lucky to escape with a draw against India’s Chandni Mehra in the women’s flyweight bout.

Mehra had the cleaner shots but the judges were split, one 39-37 for Dargan, another 39-37 for Mehra and the third a 38-all draw.

This resulted in a second draw for Dargan (1-1-2) and Mehra (9-4-1 (2KO)).


South Sydney Rabbitohs defender Daniel Suluka-Fifita suffered a short 4 round defeat to Bryce Jones on his professional debut.

Although he looked solid attacking the body early, Suluka-Fifita was caught repeatedly by Jones (2-1, 1KO) after the break, with all three judges scoring him three rounds to one, 39-37.

Designed to collide? Zerafa hits out at his “deluded” opponent, Tszyu

Michael Zerafa has called bitter rival Tim Tszyu a “fantasy” and said a return to the Main Event is inevitable as he prepares for his first fight on the platform since his shock Tszyu fight last year.

Tszyu said he would never fight Zerafa this week, but the Melbourne boxer still believes that down the track he and Tszyu will clash in a fight to rival Anthony Mundine and Danny Green.

Main Event and Fox Sports banned Zerafa from their platforms after he pulled out of the Tszyu fight in July 2021 at the last minute, but after recently parting ways with his long-term manager Sam Labruna, Zerafa said he cheated and lied to him. his team.

No Limit Boxing, which promotes Tszyu and angered Zerafa’s camp, accepted Zerafa’s explanation for agreeing to withdraw from the fight a week ago and now has him headlining an evening show at the ICC in Sydney, which also includes Paul Gallen’s farewell fight with Justin. Hodges.

During Monday’s news conference broadcast live, Tszyu called from Sydney airport and asked Gallen Zerafa “if he’s coming this time.”

Zerafa, who fights undefeated Danilo Kreati tonight and is in line for a world title shot in 2023, fired back at Tszyu on his return to the Main Event.

Zerafa said, “I think Tszyu is completely delusional, the last statement he made was that he was also going to be the heavyweight champion of the world, the kid needs to be seriously checked and looked at.”

“He hasn’t even won a world junior middleweight title yet, which means he’s going to be a world heavyweight champion and have all the belts in every division, it’s a kid’s dream.”

After returning to Australia’s biggest pay-per-view platform, Zerafa said: “It was inevitable, it was always going to happen, when the truth came out about me and Tim Tszyu and why this fight didn’t happen, No Limit knew. all along, but obviously I had a deal with certain people and got the bad end of the stick.

“But that’s why I’m back on the big stage, because everything was resolved and I wasn’t the bad guy. “I have never left a fight, and I will never leave.”

Zerafa said he has a verbal agreement to fight the legendary Gennady Golovkin next year for the world title.

“Everyone says, ‘There is a Golovkin fight,’ one or the other, to be honest, I don’t even care about this fight with Kreati,” said Zerafa.

“I won, I’m going on vacation and then I’ll think about the Golovkin fight.”

The full card for the night is below, and check back throughout the day as we bring you all the build-up to the big night right here

The Tale of Lent


Heavy weight

George Peterson (1-1, 1KO) and Gary Phillips (debut).

Peterson: 127.2 kg. Phillips: 108.12 kg.

Super Lightweight (Women).

Tayvarna Campbell (3-0-1) and Deanha Hobbs (10-2, 6KO).

Campbell: 59.92 kg. Hobbs: 58.36 kg.

Heavy weight

Daniel Suluka-Fifita (debut) – Bryce Jones (1-1, 1KO).

Suluka-Fifita: 113.66 kg. Jones: 112 kg.

Flyweight (female).

Chanel Dargan (1-1-1) – Chandni Mehra (9-4, 2KO).

Dargan: 55.82 kg. Weight: 56.74 kg.

MAIN EVENT Pay-per-view from 7:00 p.m

Super light weight

Wade Ryan (20-10, 7KO) and Cohen Mazoudier (10-2, 4KO).

Ryan: 69.4 kg. Mazudier: 69.78 kg.

Heavy weight

Liam Taliva (2-0, 1KO) and Louis Marsters (2-3, 2KO).

Weight: 106.82 kg. Marsters: 97.58 kg.

Australian middleweight title fight

Ty Telford (8-1-1, 4KO) and Joel Taylor (8-0, 3KO).

Telford: 66.5 kg. Taylor: 65.92 kg.

Heavy weight

Sio Siua Taukeiaho (debut) v Jaiman Lowe (0-1).

Weight: 109.02 kg. Low weight: 135.64 kg.

Heavy weight

Paul Gallen (14-2-1, 8KO) and Justin Hodges (5-2, 2KO).

Gallen: 103.3 kg. Weight: 103.04 kg.

Average weight

Michael Zerafa (30-4, 19KO) and Danilo Kreati (8-0, 1KO).

Zarafa: 72.44 kg. Weight: 71.58 kg.

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