Patti LuPone Shaming Merch Is The New Look Of Broadway

It’s the new line of accessories that no self-respecting theater kid can do without.

TodayTix, the mobile ticketing app that focuses on live theater, has a few new things in its online gift shop. A button at the top of your home page encourages visitors to “Buy Patti Lupone Merch,” but you won’t find posters from the original Broadway series. avoid or CD of Heat Wave: Patti LuPone Sings Irving Berlin. Instead, there is a celebration of a much more recent triumph.

As we reported earlier this week, the two-time Tony winner went to war with an audience member who didn’t wear her mask properly during a Stephen Sondheim post-show conversation. Businessin which LuPone co-stars with katrina lenk.

“That’s the rule,” the 73-year-old Long Island-born legend reminded the wandering theatergoer. “If you don’t want to follow the rule, fuck off!”

While LuPone’s statement (and “Who do you think you are?!?” rhetoric) was met mostly with applause, the masochistic person who thought he could cross swords with the woman who played Mama Rose in Gypsy and Norma Desmond in sunset boulevard I wasn’t having it. “We pay your salary!” she dared (she dared!) to suggest.

“Do you pay my salary? Shit!” LuPone replied. “Chris Harper pays my salary,” he said, naming one of the company’s top producers Business Renaissance.

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It’s unlikely the London-based producer ever dreamed she’d end up a meme, but that’s what happens when Patti LuPone yells your name at unsophisticated rednecks acting rude in the theater. As such, a “Chris Harper Pays My Salary” t-shirt, sweatshirt, mug, or (of course) mask can now be purchased from the TodayTix store.

The collection also includes merchandising with the line “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?” dated for 2009 (see below on that) and 2022. Also, tote bags with “the full rant.” (However, we’re a little hesitant to call it a tirade. A righteous rebuke is more like that!)

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