One injured in German school shooting

Shots were fired at a German school in the northern city of Bremerhaven and one person, who was not a student, was injured, police said, adding that a gunman was detained.

On its website, the Lloyd Gymnasium, which has around 1,150 students, posted a notice saying: “Dear parents, your children are safe.”

He gave a phone number that parents could call for more information.

The German newspaper Bild said the injured person, who was taken to hospital, was a woman.

That could not be immediately confirmed.

The newspaper said a second suspect appeared to be on the run after the shooting, but police said on Twitter that their investigation indicated there was only one perpetrator.

The police did not give any details of the person who was arrested.

The online newspaper Nord24 said a schoolgirl who heard gunshots called the police.

Students barricaded themselves in their classrooms, he added.

Police later said that the students and teachers were able to leave the building after special forces searched the building.

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