On camera, people run for cover in Ukraine park as Russian missiles hit shopping mall

At least 18 civilians were killed and dozens were injured.

CCTV video captured the moment a missile slammed into the Ukrainian city of Kremenchuk on Monday, destroying a shopping mall and part of a nearby factory in an attack that reportedly left at least 18 civilians dead and dozens more wounded.

Footage captured in a local park shows civilians running for cover after the first missile blew up the Amstor shopping center before a second hit the factory, exploding with a fireball and shockwave that sent debris flying. to a nearby lake.

According to the BBC, video captured near a pond some 600 meters north of the mall, across from an industrial building, shows two missile strikes in the area.

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The outlet reported that when comparing the exact points where the two missiles land in the CCTV video with aerial images of the area, it appears that one missile hit near the east end of the mall, while the other hit the north end of the factory. near the southern edge of the pond.

Russia on Tuesday denied targeting the mall with missiles, saying it had hit a nearby US and European weapons depot that caused an explosion that set the mall on fire. The Russian Defense Ministry stated that it had hit a legitimate military objective in the city and that the mall was not in use.

Ukraine, however, denied there was an arms depot nearby, saying at least 18 people were killed Monday by an “intentional” Russian missile attack on the shopping mall in Kremenchuk. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also reported that more than 1,000 people were inside when the missiles hit.

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Zelensky asked the United Nations to visit the site of the missile attack on the mall. As he addressed the UN Security Council on Tuesday, he even called on council members, including Russia, to observe a minute of silence for the war dead so far.

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