Official: Big increase in the number of trucks passing through Iran-Turkmenistan border crossing

Trucks entered Iran from Sarakhs border crossing point.

According to the acting governor of Sarakhas, this means that economic relations between Iran and Turkmenistan have been restored after the end of the Covid pandemic.

Hasan Nurizadeh said that the government of Turkmenistan canceled the duty of 1.5 dollars for each ton kilometer of Iranian goods passing through its territory.

He added that for the first time in the last 28 years, the government of Turkmenistan demanded an increase in the working hours of the Sarakhs border crossing point.

The acting governor of Sarakhas noted that in September, the number of trucks passing through the border of Sarakhas was 200 per day, while in October this number reached 600.

Nurizadeh further said that more than half of the trucks passing through Sarakhs border are from Iran, and the rest are from other countries, including Turkey.

Iran has increased its trade with the countries of the region under the leadership of President Ibrahim Raisi.

The President said that this step is aimed at reducing the pressure of US sanctions.