NSW minister given extraordinary powers to intervene in energy crisis

New south Wales Energy Minister Matt Kean will be able to force coal companies to supply fuel to power generators under emergency powers granted because of the East Coast. Energy crisis.

Late on Thursday, a government source confirmed reports that Kean met with the governor to seek the extraordinary powers.

It was understood that the move was made due to tight supply and demand conditions in the market.

The states affected by the energy crisis in Australia. (Nine)

Earlier on Thursday, the Australian Power Market Operator, which on Wednesday took the unprecedented step of suspending the market to avert the threat of blackouts, said conditions had improved in states along the east coast.

But he stressed that challenges remained and said it was too early to say when the market would return to normal. There are still widespread warnings of potential power shortages for Friday.

Residents of New South Wales were urged to save energy when it is safe to do so on Thursday, even as Federal Energy Minister Chris Bowen said he was confident blackouts would be avoided.

“Everyone is working around the clock to avoid loss of load tonight. We are confident that we can avoid blackouts,” he said.

“We will work hard to prevent cargo shedding.”

He backed AEMO’s efforts to address the crisis, saying the situation made action on climate change all the more vital.

June 14th

Beach being eroded after wild waves

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said renewables remained the long-term solution and criticized previous governments for putting politics before politics.

“The cheapest form of new energy is clean energy, that is where investment has been directed, but it has not been feeding into the grid because the transmission system is not 21st century,” he said.

“Meanwhile, aging coal-fired power plants have been more susceptible to outages and interruptions because they are old. We know that to be the case.”

Bowen and Albanese met with industry leaders in a bid to resolve the crisis, ahead of a national cabinet meeting with all state and territory premiers on Friday.

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