Noble defends young man’s surprise after ‘family bereavement’, Stewart to face court over hit

North Melbourne manager David Noble revealed that the much-criticized youngster Tarryn Thomas was struggling with the death of a family member during the Roos’ loss to Adelaide.

Thomas was criticized for his poor body language throughout the match on Sunday afternoon, finishing with just three eliminations in his first AFL game after being shockingly omitted before the Kangaroos bye last week.

The 22-year-old then found himself embroiled in an exchange with a fan on Instagram that quickly spread on social media.

Speaking after the 57-point loss, Noble said Thomas had “struggled a lot” following his grandmother’s death earlier in the week.

“He wanted to play for his grandmother and I’m sure he’s disappointed in the game he put out,” Noble said.

“He will not fly home with us… he will return to support his family.”

Thomas was heavily criticized by former great David King de Roos during the match at Blundstone Arena, with the fox football commentator accusing him of being ‘completely disinterested’.

“I know he came in after a layoff, the football club have given him a rough deal and they’ve left him out of training standards, so it’s a bit of a reality check of where his football is going after a great season in 2021”. said the king.

“But nothing has been seen of him in 2022, and today…he just needs to break free, let loose and go play.

“What we have seen today has been a completely uninterested player in this game of football. It’s a harsh comment, but I’ve watched it closely.”

The Roos’ loss was their 10th straight by 47 points or more, leaving them stranded at 18th on the scale with just one win and a 52.2 percentage.

Hand passes from Tarryn Thomas of the Kangaroos

Tarryn Thomas (Photo by Dylan Burns/AFL Photos via Getty Images)

Stewart to face court over Prestia hit

Geelong star Tom Stewart was sent straight to the AFL Tribunal for his shock hit on Richmond’s Dion Prestia.

Stewart ran the ball with his shoulder to Prestia’s head in the first quarter of the Cats’ thrilling win, leaving the Tigers star facedown on the ground in troubling scenes before being substituted out of the game.

The incident has been classified as negligent conduct, severe impact and high contact by match review official Michael Christian, which carries a suspension of at least three weeks.

Nevertheless, fox footballDavid King has criticized the AFL’s failure to take any meaningful steps to remove concussions from the game, urging the game to focus more on Prestia’s welfare than Stewart’s punishment.

“Everyone wants to focus on the outcome of Tom Stewart’s possible suspension. I want to bring the conversation back to Dion Prestia,” King said. first crack.

“This is a time where we have to protect our own players. They are the assets of the game, we have to provide a safe workplace. He’s been knocked out next week.

“I don’t know what the long-term damage is to him, I have no idea, but it’s a disgusting sight to see this young man being helped from the ground.

“It took two or three minutes to get it out and it was bad. It’s so disgusting to watch.”

King accused Christian of not taking headshots seriously during his time as MRO, and Stewart’s hit on Prestia was the ultimate consequence.

He cited St Kilda’s Zak Jones escaping suspension for a hit at Swan Luke Parker on Saturday night – regarded by Christian as “not unreasonable in the circumstances” – as a good example.

“On the road, we haven’t had markers. There has been no one receiving two or three weeks; they have had problems, or a fine, or a week: a blow with a wet lettuce leaf. And then we stand here and we’re like, ‘Oh gosh, how did this happen? This is an accident.’

“And we make excuses for the player: ‘This is not him, this is really just a moment in time.’ And I get all of that. But what about Dion Prestia, who trusts the game to protect his safety?

Pies Urged To Consider Trading Grundy As Backup Star Climbs

Former St Kilda great Leigh Montagna has urged Collingwood to consider a 50-50 split of the ruck between Brodie Grundy and Darcy Cameron, when the former returns from injury.

Grundy has not played since injuring his knee on ANZAC Day against Essendon. In his absence, Cameron has enjoyed the added responsibility, with his strong form continuing with an eight-mark, two-goal game that proved crucial in the Feet’s 11-point victory over GWS.

Speaking in fox footballMontagna said Cameron was “better suited to Collingwood’s style as a ruck than Grundy,” urging the 28-year-old to become a bigger factor as a striker to provide the balance the Feet need.

“He’s [Cameron] growing week by week and it’s going to create a great conversation when Brodie Grundy gets back on the sideline, because Grundy can’t guard the contested ball like Cameron does,” Montagna said.

Brodie Grundy is approached by Darcy Cameron.

Brodie Grundy is approached by Darcy Cameron during Collingwood training. (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

“You’re going to have to play Grundy and Cameron. I think Mason Cox is lost if Grundy is fit.

“I would like to see Cameron do a little more ruck work than he normally would with Grundy on the side, almost a 50-50 split, rather than 80-20 or 70-30.

“I think it’s time for Grundy to develop his craft as a striker for the betterment of the team in the future.”

However, Geelong 2011 premiership captain Cameron Ling went even further, saying the Feet should consider trading Grundy to relieve pressure on their salary cap.

Grundy still has five years to go on a monster contract reportedly worth $1 million per season.

“If you could have Darcy Cameron at $400-500,000 playing at the same level as Brodie Grundy at $1 million a year, would you wipe out that $500,000 difference and spend it on another player who fills another really big need?” Ling said on Channel 7 Al and Lingy Show.

“I think it’s roster management conversations that could be happening internally. Do we get Darcy Cameron with $500,000 and another player from another club with $500,000 and trade Brodie?

Cameron recently re-signed with Collingwood on a three-year deal.

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