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Soooo you got the first edition of Daily Crunch yesterday, where we mentioned a certain conference, setting it up in the wrong country. Oops — we updated the title. Sorry, Finland, we love you, really.

It was yesterday. Today, there’s a wall of exciting new things to see…among other things, an opportunity Nisha For you if you’re running a space startup: Apply to pitch on stage at TC Session: Space 2022!

Well, with that, let’s start with TC Top 3. — Christine And Hajj

TechCrunch Top 3

  • I got golden IT ticket: Submitting a ticket with the IT department to make minor changes in some loan criteria can make a bank’s credit principal wait longer than required. Enter Taktile, which is making it a no-code, self-service function. With $20 million in new funding, it helps fintech companies test and deploy those changes without developers, Kyle Report
  • There are no cloudy days here: Amazon is pouring more money into India, this time opening a second cloud region in Hyderabad for $4.4 billion over the next eight years for its cloud unit. Manish Report
  • This is a popup you don’t want to “X” out: When creating an online store in some marketplaces, merchants are offered basic tools. However, as their business expands, traders need to lean on more and more tools. PopUp grabbed $3.5 million in funding to solve this problem with a no-code way of designing online storefronts using just one tool, Christine writes

Startups and VCs

Aura, a startup founded by early Twitter employees that makes digital frames and photo-sharing apps that can also be used to update those frames, has raised some funding to expand its business as it hits 3 million users of its app and 1. million frames. sale, Ingrid The report said the company raised $26 million in a mix of debt and equity — money the company is using this quarter to ramp up production and invest in plans for 2023.

All eyes are currently on the fall of FTX in the crypto industry. That’s why today’s news from Bitpanda is an important signal for the Austrian unicorn company, which has received a crypto license from Germany’s financial regulator, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Baffin). romaine.

Here are some additional VC and startup stories for you:

Cold outreach with a warm touch: Here’s the quick pitch we emailed to investors

Image credit: R. Subin (opens in a new window) / Getty Images

Pitching a startup to investors without a personal recommendation isn’t a terrible idea—as long as you’ve done your research first.

Tetra Insights co-founders Michael Bamberger and Panos Rigopoulos raised a $5 million Series A last year, and both say cold outreach is a core part of their strategy.

“Once I changed my criteria for finding the right people, the process was really quick,” says Bamberger, who initially raised a $500,000 friends and family round in 2019 and then a $1.5 million seed round a year later.

Three more from the TC+ team:

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Big Tech Inc.

Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter has highlighted similar social media companies. Evan writes that Indian social network Koo is one such platform that is gaining popularity in Brazil, but it faces several challenges, including how to manage moderation.

Meanwhile, here’s to holiday shopping again, Rita Temu, Pinduduo’s sister shopping app, has gained some notoriety after topping the US App Store, according to reports.

And we have five more for you:

  • See who became fast friends: One-time frenemies security hackers George Hotz and Elon Musk seem to have buried the hatchet, and Hotz has signed on to help out on Twitter, connie Meanwhile, reports amanda Tells us that Twitter’s Blue Verified relaunch is on hold again. Oh, and if Twitter’s own archive takes too long for you, Kyle There’s a list of free tools that make archiving a breeze
  • Locked from Mars: Hackers have found a way to lock the Mars Stealer malware off their own servers, jack writes
  • Rescue Tumblr: People are flocking to alternatives like Twitter, but many of these new platforms can’t handle the sudden interest. Here to help is Tumblr, which is adding support for ActivityPub, the social protocol that powers Mastodon and other apps. Sarah writes
  • A global currency problem: Taz Wrote about FTX’s impact in Africa, where billions of cryptocurrencies were processed monthly before the company collapsed.
  • Straight from “Big Hero 6”.: If you’ve never seen “Big Hero 6,” one of the plotlines is about these ambitious twins who build robots that can build anything and now brian The report states that researchers are developing robots that can build themselves.