Newsmax anchor suggests Ketanji Brown Jackson, not yet on Supreme Court, leaked draft

Newsmax anchor Grant Stinchfield suggested tuesday — without evidence or logic — that future Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson may be responsible for leaking a draft ruling that would dismantle abortion rights.

There’s a big problem with this theory: Jackson isn’t on the Supreme Court yet.

He also wasn’t in court when he heard arguments in the Mississippi abortion restrictions case. She is not involved in the ruling at all.

But amid the flurry of speculation about who could have leaked the draftwhat a politician posted on mondayconservatives have singled out individuals by name even though they have no basis beyond their own speculation.

Jackson will be sworn in this summer after Judge Stephen Breyer retires. Stinchfield acknowledged that he is not yet a judge. But he still postulated that she may have hired employees and they may They have already started working. He has no evidence that this is true; however, he is “sure” of it.

“I find it suspicious that the first leak out of the Supreme Court in history comes shortly after Justice Jackson is confirmed,” Stinchfield said, while marked by Media Matters for Jason Campbell from United States. “I want to know if her paralegals, who I’m sure have already been hired, possibly even working in the superior court before she’s sworn in, have access to these draft decisions.”

“She would be my prime suspect when it comes to the leak because Ketanji Brown Jackson is a radical leftist activist, more radical than any justice in the history of the Supreme Court,” he continued. “I think she is capable of undermining the court in this way.”

It’s no surprise that a conservative anchor would use this opportunity to go after Jackson, who will be the first black woman on the Supreme Court in its history. During her confirmation hearings, Republicans repeatedly insisted that she held radical views, simply because of crimes like be a public defenderback criminal justice reform within the mainstream and failing like many other judges.

Along with Jackson, some conservatives have suggested the leak came from the office of Justice Sonia Sotomayor, the first Latina to serve on the Supreme Court, who has also been accused of holding extreme views.

The other liberal Supreme Court justices, who are white, have not been charged with leak speculation.

Supreme Court opinions and drafts are closely guarded, which is part of why the leak was so shocking. The justices typically take a preliminary vote on which way they will go, then select one member, Justice Samuel Alito, in this case, to write the majority opinion.

The opinion drafts are then circulated to the judges and their support staff. Changes are lobbied for and ultimately the judges may decide to adopt another ruling entirely. At the moment, the sentence is not final in this case.

However, the process does not involve sharing drafts outside of court, so if someone is going to make this claim, they need real evidence to back it up. Whether Stinchfield believes it or not.

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