New Jersey gas stations offer lower prices to show potential savings with drive-thru option

JERSEY CITY, New Jersey — As gas prices hit record highs, dozens of stations across New Jersey are providing some relief on Friday.

They say they are offering lower prices to show the savings if drivers are allowed to pump their own gas.

According to AAA, the average price of regular gasoline in New York State is now $4.68 per gallon. In New Jersey, it’s $4.50 and the national average is $4.43, the highest prices ever recorded.

But now, for one day only, filling up at select New Jersey stations won’t cost you a financial headache.

Seventy-five members of the Fuel Your Way NJ coalition will slash their prices in protest on Friday. Cost drops vary by location.

They are trying to prove their point that allowing gas stations the option of having full-service gas pumps would help consumers.

“It should result in savings at the self-service pump of about 15 cents a gallon or more,” Sal Risalvato, executive director of Fuel Your Way NJ, told CBS2.

The executive director of Fuel Your Way NJ said the labor shortage hit the stations hard. He says this will help and insists it won’t displace employees.

“Each one of those cones is there, not because the pump has run out of gas. It’s because the pump doesn’t have an employee there,” Risalvato said.

New Jersey remains the only state in the country where you are not legally allowed to pump your own gasoline.

The legislation for the change was presented at the state assembly in February. If it becomes law, an attendant can still pump their gas if there are more than four pumps, or they can choose to legally pump their own.

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