NBC collapses Colorado shooting with non-binary suspect as pale narrative

On Tuesday, the left-wing narrative surrounding the early Sunday shooting at a Colorado Springs LGBTQ nightclub collapsed as the suspect’s attorney revealed that his client was non-binary, blowing holes in the narrative that Christian conservatives and Fox News were behind the attack. Of course, NBC promptly deleted any mention of the massacre on Wednesday Today while ABC Good morning America omitted this inconvenient truth.

Still, NBC found time for stories it deemed more important, such as a 25-second news briefing on how the Supreme Court cleared the way for a House committee to obtain Donald Trump’s tax returns.

ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos promised “[n]Details of Colorado shooting investigation” and “the chilling Facebook post of the shooter’s mother,” but his network left behind the crucial fact that the suspected gunman committed a hate crime against his own people?

After anchor Robin Roberts failed in the same way, chief national correspondent Matt Gutman even sometimes used the suspect’s preferred pronouns (click “expand”):

This will be the suspect’s first appearance in court as they read their charges, and as we’ve learned in this chilling Facebook post from the suspect’s mother just hours before the shooting where she says her son is missing. He took her phone and debit card and secretly promised “the best night ever.” Overnight, ABC News obtained this chilling Facebook post from Laurel Voepel, the mother of the Colorado Springs shooting suspect, worried about her son’s whereabouts hours before the shooting, saying, “My son is missing…He took MY PHONE and my debit. card. We had plans and we were very excited.” She ends by saying that her son told her, “To get ready for the best night.” and Derrick Rump. Ring footage from 2021 shows the suspect surrendering to police after making a bomb threat against his mother.


But the case was dismissed and the suspect’s records sealed after the family denied the charges. This allowed the suspect to legally purchase that AR-style rifle.

At the end of his report, Gutman peddled the false narrative, still vaguely referring to it. “A think tank that monitors online reporting of hate speech[ing] A shocking 613 percent increase in hate speech targeting the LGBTQ community… parroted by politicians and online influencers. in anxiety “It could incite more violence.”

Roberts, a member of the community, was worried he was there “A lot of anxiety about it.”

In contrast, ABC’s low-night shows World News Now and America This Morning It took three minutes and 47 seconds with host Andrew Dymburt highlighting the suspect’s gender identity.

Dymburt didn’t let the story go too far, as he said they were bullied and had a grandfather as a former member of the California General Assembly. “Once compared the January 6th riots to the American Revolution and voted against LGBTQ legislation.”

Likewise, NBC Early today Speaking about the gender of the suspect, the presenter Philip Mena said “It’s non-binary and they use their pronouns.” Mena still blamed opposition to the LGBTQ lifestyle, as the GLADD report claimed “124 cases occurred in 47 states” of “Protests, threats and attacks against drag incidents.”

CBS went in the opposite direction and informed its audience with both morning shows CBS morning news and flagship CBS mornings to pay attention to this change (albeit a minus for past coverage).

The latter devoted the first minute of the 30-second segment to the suspect. Host Nate Burleson cut to the chase:

Now back to that deadly Colorado nightclub shooting. The suspect will appear before the court for the first time today with a video recording. Five people died and about 20 were injured in the massacre committed on Saturday. Attorneys for the alleged shooter say their clients identify as non-binary and use their own pronouns.

Reporter Janet Shamlian even supported this false narrative by saying so from the scene. “Now we know why” there is “There are few details on the suspect.”

Shamlian continued using the suspect’s name: superlative pronouns:

As court records show, they did not grow up like Anderson Lee Aldrich after a very troubled past. The man suspected of killing 5 people at Club Q was born Nicholas Brake. Court records show that at age 15, they petitioned to change their names to Anderson Lee Aldrich, saying they did not want to be associated with their father, who had a criminal record. The change comes months after they were allegedly brutally abused online. The suspect’s background comes into focus as we learn more about what happened at Club Q on Saturday night.

ABC’s refusal to tell its viewers about a story-breaking detail about it was brought to you by Apple, and NBC’s bias was brought to you by Fidelity. Follow the links to view their contact details on the MRC’s Conservative Fight Back page.

Click here to view relevant transcripts from November 23 (for Now on ABC World News), where (for ABC America This Morning), where (for ABC Good morning America), where (for CBS Morning News), where (for CBS mornings) and here (for NBC Early today).