My boss from hell left an angry note forbidding us to be SICK…we have to find our own cover if we’re sick

AN angry employee has shared an angry note left by their manager forbidding staff from getting sick unless they can find coverage.

The boss from hell left a message for his employees saying they need to find another team member to cover their shift if they’re sick.

The manager has instructed his employees to seek coverage if they are on sick leave.


The manager has instructed his employees to seek coverage if they are on sick leave.Credit: Reddit

The scandalous note is believed to have been posted at a Subway store in South Carolina.

The message reads: “To all team members: If you’re sick, you need to find another team member to cover your shift and if you can’t cover, you need to work your shift.”

A second note posted below reads: “As of this time: If temps don’t complete, it’s a writ.

“If you’re not in full uniform (hat, name tag, apron, blue or black jeans, and non-slip shoes) it’s a write-up.

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“The pilot company policy is 3 unexcused absences is termination.

“You must call 4 hours in advance or it is a writing.

“If you’re on the phone and ignoring customers, it’s writing.

“If you don’t clean up after yourself, it’s a write-up.

“These are some, but not all, of the things you will be held accountable for going forward.”

The two posts shared on social media angered users by commenting that it is actually the manager’s responsibility to find coverage when an employee is sick.

Someone said: “’If you’re sick and you can’t find someone to cover you, you have to come’”

“I’m sure the health department would appreciate a call from a sick employee who is forced to prepare food.”

Another commented: “This is literally how we all got Covid and learned nothing.”

One added: “As a manager, yes. This is exactly the responsibility of a Manager.

“I see this all the time and it’s BS. Being sick can put co-workers and customers in danger (especially now). Management is the one with access to phone numbers, hours and availability.

“Expecting someone to cover a shift without that information is insane.”

Subway has been contacted for comment.

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