Movie review! Sweater! Shahid has marked a brilliant century in the field of emotion, Mrinal Thakur has also played a brilliant tackle, the jersey will be loved by the audience.

sweater Before I talk about the movie in detail, I would like to say one thing that I can say with complete confidence that sweater, Shahid Kapoor It will turn out to be a film of his career, in which Shahid father of pankaj kapoor The prouder he is, the more proud he is of his father. Jain Y misha You will too, every time you see this movie. Now to the movie. Usually, we like to find, read and read the stories of those successful people, who have achieved a place in life, because I, we, all of you, all humans want to see themselves as successful. At the same time the stories inspire us too we all just try to be there it’s also true that one percent of the 100 percent get that position and success but what about the 99 percent of the people who tried If it happens? , then never before, in a second chance, your efforts may be completed, but then you need not succeed. Movie sweater The story of Shahid Kapoor characters of, Arjun Talwar The story of, is a biopic of the people who tried 99 percent of them. Shahid Kapoor In a recent conversation with me, he mentioned that his own audience has given him many second chances in life, despite his bad movies, it gave him the opportunity to work on another better movie and then today. Shahid Have reached this point. Shahid Just like in real life, this story is about that second chance, which we often don’t take advantage of. This story is the story of a belief that a son has in his father, a guru in his disciple. At a time when we are forgetting about feelings in the age of selfies, it is my opinion that such stories should be continuously made on the big screen, which will keep the sensitive person in you alive. If entertainment is the condition of cinema, there is also emotion. This simple story keeps that feeling alive. Although the story is of a cricketer who has turned his back on cricket, but it is not only the biopic of her, it is also the story of a girl who is forced to compromise love between responsibilities and practical life. . not judge her father. When everyone stops trusting him, he only trusts his father. I have not come back from this movie with a purpose, but with the courage to believe in someone. Kaminey, Haider, Jab Bhi Met, Kabir Singh Later, Shahid Kapoor In this film, he has shown that he has the power to settle into emotional characters as well as cute and intense characters. Thanks to the director, in this film he has not limited a female character to a woman who comforts her husband. given a chance to shine. pankaj kapoor He has played some tremendous tackles on the pitch in this emotional film. What other things touched me in the film, I will tell in detail. I would also like to clarify that although sweater There is a new Hindi version of the film made in Telugu language but I would not like to compare the emotional story of both and the reason for this is that this story moved me once even though I had also seen the film in Telugu. I would like to see it as an independent film.

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what is the history

History Arjun Talwar (Shahid Kapur) Yes, Arjun is a great hitter. Arjun is the love of life, but cricket is the first love. There are some circumstances where Arjun is forced to give up cricket. Vidya and Arjun get married, the family grows, they both have a son. Kittu (Ronit) Happens. Arjun teaches cricket to his son, he lives in it. For Kittu, his father is a hero, even though he is a zero to the world. Vidya earns her living by working as a receptionist in a hotel. Arjun and Vidya’s relationship is constantly souring, the state of the house is very pathetic. Arjun may be a careless husband but not a father, so when his son Kittu asks for a t-shirt on his birthday, Arjun is left with no purpose in life just to maintain his own honor in the eyes of Arjun. his son. to see in this emotional journey if he steps on the grass again and if he is able to regain his self-esteem.

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things that I really like

  • This magic can only happen in the cinema that same story in different languages, same director, ronit The same as a child artist, the same emotion, but still, when a story sounds new to you, it is a victory for the visionary filmmaker, so first of all I would like to congratulate the director of the film, Gautham.
  • In the quest to show larger than life stories and heroism in cinema, we have forgotten to find such a simple and real life hero, who happens to be someone in our family, this story is a search for that hero. Entertainment also comes from emotion, this movie proves it too.
  • Not all people get everything in life at the first chance, all people deserve a second chance, this story gives a person courage to take the second chance.
  • This movie also gives fighting spirit to a loser.
  • sweater It also shows that having faith in someone is your greatest strength, then you can score a century in the most difficult field in life.
  • This story is a beautiful journey between a father and a son.
  • filmmaker gautam Along with the main characters in the film, the rest of the cast has been well put together.
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In this film Shahid Kapoor As he has acted, it seems that he has taken a liking to acting. He, in his own eyes, the tired man the world considers a loser, has beautifully captured those expressions, in places of them. kabir singh If the forward movement is visible, then an emotional person as soon as he becomes a father. From the body language, the attitude, the accent of a cricketer. Shahid Caught perfectly. Especially the train going by, and the way he takes out his frustration, that scene ShahiIt will be remembered as one of the best movie scenes of all time. I am extremely happy for Su, she finally found a movie in which she shines completely, not only as a husband’s wife, but as a tough and responsible mother and wife. Pankaj Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor K is also a father in real life, his amazing connection with Shahid as a coach. An artist has never been dominated by a father. ronit, who is the child artist of the film, is the life of the film. It amazes me to think that despite working on both movies, he hasn’t stopped getting bored. geetika He has done well too. He plays a journalist in the film.

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what could be better

The length of the film could have been shortened, which would have kept the emotion of the film more intact.

Total, sweater It is an emotional journey, ranging from the story of a father-son relationship to the rise of a lost man. I would like to tell every viewer to enjoy this movie with his family. Trust me you will be emotional like me and you really should be big not long and you can get a second chance anytime in life age is just a number. Movie April 22 It’s premiering in theaters, Main Toh Kahungi, watch this movie with anyone you love or do in your life.

movie: t-shirt

Cast: Shahid Kapoor, Pankaj Kapoor, Mrinal ThakurRonit Kamra, Geetika Mahendru

Director: Gautam Tinnuri

My rating 3.5 out of 5 stars

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