MoveOn Community’s Strong Impact on Historic Midterm Results

MoveOn members, we did it! Millions of members together mobilized large numbers of voters, stemmed a red tide, carried the Senate, helped win critical gubernatorial and secretary of state races, and helped defend progressive champions in the House. Ours the events contributed to the most successful by-elections for the ruling party in decades – breaking history, defeating many hard-line MAGA extremists and defending democracy.

Many factors influenced the outcome of this election, and you can be proud that you were part of a community that contributed effectively where it mattered most. Preliminary analysis shows that our strategy has targeted the right set of voters with a series of resonant messages. In short, the people who helped the Democrats succeed in the election were some of the people who came from the issues that we focused on and centered on our program.

That means every call, text, targeted digital ad and voter contact contributed to a few razor-thin victories that were decisive in this election.

Some of what we achieved together:

  • We ran the largest outreach program in the country and specifically recruited MoveOn members to mobilize 240,000 people they knew personally to vote in the most critical states.
  • Grassroots MoveOn donors have given $1.5 million directly to Senate, House, gubernatorial and secretary of state candidates, some of whom have beaten some of the nation’s biggest electoral deniers.
  • MoveOn supporters have given our data scientists, researchers and organizers the resources to identify and target and reach the 4.3 million “high voters” who may agree with progressive causes in 2018 and 2020 but are less likely to vote in 2022.
  • We held nine rallies to mobilize and turn out young voters in swing states in battleground states with Sen. Bernie Sanders, NextGen America and the Working Families Party.
  • Through ads, social media, emails, texts, and advocacy by MoveOn members, we’ve brought the issues of abortion rights and democracy protection front and center.

Take a look at some of the numbers behind our collective impact:


Thank you for everything you do. From making a massive donation to spending a few hours calling MoveOn members in swing districts, sharing challenging content online, joining our weekly rallies for Democracy, to voting for the 85 candidates that MoveOn members are supporting up and down the ballot. these actions and more contributed to MoveOn’s impact on these historic, consistent and strong midterm election results.

We didn’t win every race, and the GOP-led House will be a hotbed of MAGA conspiracy theorists and attacks on our liberties. But we helped create a more favorable political landscape for the next two years, sent a clear national message of rejection of MAGA’s extremism, and created momentum around issues of deep importance—and we will continue to organize around them in the weeks, months and years to come.

That’s what it isYour immediate work ahead includes:

  • Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock’s re-election bid goes all out – thousands tune in to our November 15 live stream (see the post here) began phone banking and vote tripling registrations to launch the program and reach Georgia voters. You can sign up for phone banking here and triple your votes.
  • Hundreds of thousands of MoveOn members took collective action in response to Trump announcing his 2024 presidential bid.“Lose Trump Again” orders stickers Show visual opposition to Trump, sign petitions to call on the networks to stop giving him free airtime and hold officials accountable for his role in the uprising, and donate now to defeat Trump…again.

MoveOn members came together for our largest midterm election program in our 24-year history. The demands were so high and our energy, engagement and impact were the same at that moment.

Thank you for being a part of this vibrant community working for America for all. Thank you for how you participated during Election Day and for your continued partnership as we advance a world of justice, sustainability, equality and love together.