“Mobilizing is stupid” – HotAir

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I’ve written about several of these stories over the past month. They all use the same basic premise as this Washington Post story published Sunday. Men recently mobilized by Russia to fight in Ukraine arrive without any equipment or training and often call their wives, girlfriends or mothers home to tell them that everything they hear on Kremlin television is not true.

Last month, the husband of Russian soldier Irina Sokolova, who was mobilized to fight in Ukraine, called her from the forest and almost broke down crying.

“They lie on TV,” he cried, referring to state television propagandists who downplay Russia’s failures and portray a death-or-death war for Russia’s survival against the United States and its allies…

Relatives of the soldiers, mostly apolitical people, have incurred the wrath of the Kremlin by posting videos on the Internet and in independent Russian media, and even speaking to foreign journalists. They say mobilized soldiers were sent into battle with little preparation, poorly equipped and often without clear orders. Many are tired and confused, their families said. Some are lost in the forest for days. Others refuse to fight.

“Of course he didn’t know how terrible it would be there,” Sokolova told The Washington Post. “We look at our federal television channels and they say everything is perfect.”

The Post spoke with the wife of another deployed soldier who supported the war until her husband was deployed to Ukraine. His partner had received no equipment, no training, no food, no water.

“They have no orders and assignments,” he said. “I spoke to my husband yesterday and he said he had no idea what they were going to do. They had just been abandoned and had lost all faith in the authorities, all faith”…

In the couple’s apartment, the TV was on all the time, spewing the Kremlin line that Russia was at war with the United States, not Ukraine. “We don’t know anything else,” said Yana. “We are so used to believing what we are told.”

But after her husband was drafted, she gave up television because it made her “aggressive.” She said she feared for her husband’s life, but said she did not blame Putin because “he is an intelligent person.”

CNN mines the same area today with the intervention of a Russian soldier talking to his girlfriend. He describes the situation as “World War 3” and says that without the additional forces created by the mobilization, Ukrainian troops would already be on the Russian border. “It’s stupid to mobilize,” he said. “No one can go home until Putin announces the order,” he added.