Metallica Gets Its Own Metal-Themed Pro-Ject Turntable, And I’ll Fight You For One

For fans who stuck with Metallica’s journey from ’80s metal heroes to their stint as the Internet punching bag at your eventual redemptionhere’s a turntable apparently worthy of a devil horn salute. Metallica’s limited edition turntable is a collaboration between the band and Polish manufacturer Pro-Ject.

The turntable features an MDF pedestal, which mimics the band’s logo and features a mirror finish for added metal credibility. But it’s not just a flash designed for heavy rock fans, as this table also appears to have audiophile-level quotes.

The player features a glass platter and the new aluminum sub-platter, while the tone arm is S-shaped with a detachable headstock. The Pro-Ject Pick it S2 C cartridge comes pre-installed, while the tracking force, anti-slip, and VTA are user-adjustable. To finish the package, the metal legs are height-adjustable, while speed adjustments can be made by flipping a switch (instead of removing the platter and adjusting the drive belt).

metallica turntable top view


For me, I had friends who liked them in the ’80s, but they always seemed a little too…dated. I came to appreciate the band after reading Jason Newstead’s interviews in Bass Player magazine at the height of their “pop” period. Do I want one of these turntables? Yes Yes I do. I mean, he just watches everything… that *waves indistinctly* Do I need one? No problem. But if you have a passing interest in heavy metal on vinyl, this turntable seems to have both the sound and the looks.

The limited edition Metallica turntable will be available this summer for $1,599.

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