Melissa Caddick’s Husband Anthony Koletti Hands Over Couple’s Mansion to Receivers

The husband of Sydney scammer Melissa Caddick has officially vacated the couple’s luxury mansion in East Sydney.

The Federal Court ordered Anthony Koletti earlier this month to move out of the 5-bedroom Dover Heights home by May 18.

The liquidators will sell the house to help pay off some of the $23 million Caddick bilked from investors through his Ponzi scheme.

Caddick and Koletti lived together in the house from 2014, when Caddick bought the property for $6.2 million, until the scammer’s alleged death in 2020.

Koletti told the court that the property is now estimated to be worth $15-$17 million.

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Anthony Koletti was ordered to leave the luxury mansion in Sydney’s eastern suburbs owned by his late wife before her disappearance.(Supplied)
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Mr. Koletti claimed that his financial and non-financial contributions to the household meant that he was entitled to part of his late wife’s estate. (Facebook: Antonio Koletti)

In a statement issued Thursday, Jones Partners, the trustees and liquidators of Caddick’s assets, confirmed that they had taken possession of the vacant home.

“We are in the process of preparing the property for sale and undertaking a selection process to appoint one or more real estate agents to market the property,” said Jones Partners director Bruce Gleeson.

“We anticipate strong interest in the Dover Heights property given the feedback we have received to date”

But Caddick’s victims aren’t the only people hoping to get a cut of the money from the sale of his extensive assets.

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Melissa Caddick disappeared in November 2020.(Supplied)

In April, Koletti told the court that her financial and nonfinancial contributions to the household, including performing her duties as a homemaker and caring for Ms. Caddick’s child, meant that she was entitled to a portion of the estate. his late wife.

This includes the Dover Heights home, along with another property in Edgecliff, Ms. Caddick’s Gucci wedding dress and various pieces of jewelry together worth more than $95,000.

The liquidators have refuted Koletti’s claim, insisting that he has no legal or financial basis to claim a share of the cash.

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Caddick disappeared in November 2020, the day after the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) raided his Dover Heights home.

His decomposed foot was found three months later on Bournda Beach near Tathra, some 500km south of Sydney.

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