MEET THE CANDIDATE: Farheen Alim, New Democrat, Etobicoke-Lakeshore

Farheen Alim is the NDP candidate for Etobicoke-Lakeshore.

Candidate Name: Farheen Alim

Riding: Etobicoke — Lakeside

Party: New Democratic Party of Ontario

Age: 31

Occupation: Teacher (high school)

Home: Etobicoke — Lakeside

Past political experience:

•Member of the union organization against educational cuts at Ford

•Joined the Ontario NDP in pursuit of better funding for education

•Member of the political action committee in OSSTF

•Member of the Peel Regional Labor Council

How would you rate the province’s response to COVID-19 and why?


Workers need permanent paid sick days. We have to take advantage of long-term care. Instead, Doug Ford protected his friends and big stores over small businesses. We need to repeal House Bill 124 and fix what matters most.

If I am elected (re-elected), I pledge to…

Ensure construction of Park Lawn GO is accelerated. Vote for real rent control, including vacant rent control. Invest in health, housing, action against climate change and education.

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