Mbappé on his crisis with the French Federation: I will fight for my teammates

French international striker Kylian Mbappé revealed that his dispute with the French Football Federation over players’ image rights is a “collective position”, intended to help the rest of his teammates on the national team.

The French Football Federation announced this week that it would review the agreement on players’ image rights after media reports that Mbappé refused to participate in activities related to one of the French team’s corporate sponsors.

ESPN said Mbappé refused to participate in a group photo of the team and other activities for some sponsors this week, because he did not want to support some of the brands tied to endorsement deals with the team.

“From the beginning, this was a collective move,” Mbappe said after France’s 2-0 victory over Austria in the UEFA Nations League last night. As I said, being criticized is not a big deal. I’m used to it.

“It won’t affect my style of play or my lifestyle, but the important thing is to help this group get what they want,” he added.

World champion France will face Denmark in the European Nations League on Sunday.

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