Marjorie Taylor Greene uses coded language in anti-vax tweet – ‘Thoroughbreds’

Marjorie Taylor Greene isn’t using Twitter to fleece her fans (or suckers) of $700,000 — she’s also returning to the platform to troll libs while promoting her usual, thinly veiled white nationalist rhetoric.

– Come to my house, Juanita! he tweeted yesterday in response to a tweet from anti-vaxxer Juanita Broaddrick (who once accused Bill Clinton of rape, which he denied) who shared her Thanksgiving pie with a frozen message: “Unvaccinated and ready to talk politics.”

“We’re going to call our gathering ‘Purebloods and Politics,'” Greene continued. “We’re going to cook and discuss how to survive the next dark winter that Fauci just announced.”

Don’t let Congresswoman Greene fool you. Yes, “thoroughbred” is an anti-vax/Harry Potter term, but it’s also the coded language a Georgia lawmaker uses to openly convey anti-Semitic messages.

via HuffPost

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