Man Shot In Leg At Q Club Searches For Injured Crushed By Broken Glass

  • Jerecho Loveall was shot in the leg when a gunman opened fire at a nightclub.
  • Five people were killed and 25 injured at Club Q in Colorado Springs on Saturday night.
  • “We are strong and fear will not stop us,” Loveall told Insideexpress.

Jerecho Loveall did not realize he had been shot. He was sitting at Club Q — a Colorado Springs nightclub he’s visited nearly every Saturday night for the past 12 years — when a gunman burst through the door just before midnight.

Loveall told Insideexpress that he observed the gunman shoot into the bar area and break the surrounding glass. People fell to the ground as the suspect made his way to the dance floor, firing more rounds until he reached the patio, where he was stopped by patrons who tackled him to the ground. A U.S. Army veteran helped disarm the suspect and a drag performer stomped on the shooter in high heels, the veteran told The New York Times.

It all happened within minutes.

Five people were killed that night at a popular LGBTQ bar, including Kelly Loving, Derrick Rump, Daniel Aston, Raymond Green Vance and Ashley Paugh. Another 25 people were injured.

Jerecho Loveall was shot in the leg by a gunman at Club Q.

Jerecho Loveall

“The world needs to know what’s going on here.”

After being shot in the leg, Loveall, who worked as an operations manager for a lumber company, stayed at the bar, searching people and handing out rags until police arrived.

“The adrenaline was rushing through my body and I didn’t know or want to admit that I had been shot at the time. I was just worried about making sure everyone I cared about and loved was okay,” she told Insidexpress.

He finally limped out and looked for the two family members who had been there that night. After seeing them, they lifted his pant leg to see that it was bleeding. The bullet went through Loveall’s shin and grazed the bone, but luckily didn’t break it.

He currently has an open wound on his leg, including pieces of metal still lodged in it. “It may not work like it used to and I won’t dance like I used to, but I have to heal and be fine,” she said.

The suspect in the shooting is a 22-year-old man who remains in the hospital, according to the Colorado Springs Police Department.

The mass shooting happened a day before Transgender Day of Remembrance. Club Q had planned an “all-ages” drag brunch on Sunday in honor of the day.

Loveall said Club Q has always been a safe place that accepts people for who they are. He said that the society is in a hurry from the terrible night. “The brave men who managed to bring him down took serious risks and he did not harm anyone. They took care of the family,” he said.

“The world needs to know what’s going on here.”