Madelyn Cline’s Latest Outer Banks Tease Will Have Fans Buzzing

The 24-year-old found herself in the driver’s seat at the star-studded event. And while the sights and sounds of 305 may have the actress in high spirits, she’s not ready to share any more details about her on-screen relationship with John B (Chase-Stokes).

As for the question on everyone’s mind, what’s the status of Sarah and John B, she says, “I’m tight-lipped. I won’t say anything. I think the anticipation is one of the best things about being in the off-season. I understand. I was very excited to even have a new script. I can’t wait for everyone to experience that.”

In November, Chase and Madelyn split after more than a year of dating. Just a few weeks later, they were seen together in Atlanta.

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