Loyalty claims credit for saving bus routes – Guido Fawkes


Sadiq Claims Credit For Saving Bus Routes From Their Cuts

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Like an arsonist who gained fame for putting out his own flames, Sadiq Khan poses with his supporters.Saved by Sadiq” posters, as if he had taken a heroic step to save London’s bus routes from nasty Tory cuts. The problem: he was the one who planned the layoffs in the first place…

Yes, the U-turn that apparently decided to cut dozens of bus routes is now worth pulling back and photographing. Of course, Sadiq has previously claimed his hands were tied by government diktat, although then Transport Secretary Grant Shapps made it clear in June that this was not the Government’s position – and that the proposed 22 bus routes need not be scrapped:

“TfL’s income (from fares, commercial activities, road charges, business rates, council tax and the emergency income subsidy provided by us) is about the same as it was before the pandemic. In other words, there is and will be enough money to maintain the services. Your claims that additional cuts of 18 percent on buses and 9 percent on subways will be required if we don’t meet your demands for a capital deal are also false.”

So now Sadiq changed his mind about the cut and pretended to save the day. It makes for a great slogan, though.

Read Shapps’ full letter here…