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With love, Victor...

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“Love, Victor” ends after its upcoming third season. Variety confirmed the cancellation ahead of the show’s June 15 release date. The series, which is a follow-up to 2018’s “Love, Simon,” focuses on Victor Salazar as he struggles with his identity and where he fits in at his new school.

While the first season explores Victor discovering his sexual identity, the second season sees Victor dealing with the consequences of his coming out and his standing with his family, friends, and potential boyfriend. The second season ends with Victor having to choose between reconciling with his boyfriend, Benji, or starting something new with his crush, Rahim. In June 2021, executive producer Elizabeth Berger told Entertainment Weekly: “[Victor] he has both options going around inside, and then he has a moment of clarity and he just follows that to that door.” an unexpected love triangle with Víctor’s sister, Pilar, while Víctor’s ex-girlfriend, Mia, begins to fall for Andrew.

“Love, Victor” stars Michael Cimino as Victor, Rachel Hilson as Mia, Anthony Turpel as Felix, Bebe Wood as Lake, Mason Gooding as Andrew, George Sear as Benji, Isabella Ferreira as Pilar, James Martinez as Armando and Ana Ortiz. like Elizabeth. “American Horror Story” and “The Prom” actor Nico Greetham will also star as a recurring character, and the show will stream on both Hulu and Disney+.

Check out the teaser for the third season below.

Preview of season 3 of “With love, Victor”

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