Love bomber has an epiphany in a bar – The Denver Post

Dear Amy: I am a 65 year old woman.

I’ve been divorced three times and have also had a couple of other serious love relationships, all unsuccessful.

I’m single now and trying to figure out what I’ve been doing wrong.

Understand, I’m the one leaving every time, so my “excuse” has been that I have a “broken pickup”, but that sounds like BS, even to me.

I was reading your column and the subject of “love bombing” came up.

That’s me! That’s what I do!

I even surprised myself with love bombing myself last week! Some drunken jerk had started flirting with me in a bar, and even as I thought to myself, “What a fool this guy is,” he was practically fawning over him, making every word slope, oh-aren. Y-you-fascinating answer.

What the hell?

In that moment I recognized my pattern of meeting an interested man, “luring” him in with all that adulation and attention, and then realizing it’s totally inappropriate and writing him off, often only after years and years of misery.

What the hell is wrong with me and how do I stop it?!

I’ve wasted almost my entire life on this self-sabotaging behavior, and I just want to scream and hang my head in shame.

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