Live Updates | Supreme Court strikes down New York gun law

The latest on the Supreme Court ruling on New York’s gun law:

NEW YORK – Members of Congress in New York reacted to Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling that struck down a state gun law. US Rep. Elise Stefanik applauded the ruling, saying she “correctly declares New York’s shameful attempt to destroy the Second Amendment rights of New Yorkers unconstitutional.” Stefanik is a Republican and staunch ally of former President Donald Trump.

US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand called the ruling “irresponsible” and “downright dangerous.”

“Our nation is in the midst of an epidemic of gun violence and instead of working to protect our communities, this court has made it even easier for potentially dangerous people to carry concealed firearms in public spaces,” the Democrat said.


NEW YORK – Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling that struck down a New York gun law that required people to demonstrate a particular need to carry a gun in order to obtain a license to carry one in public has no immediate impact on other laws. , including rules about background checks. and age requirements for gun purchases.

That’s according to Alex McCourt, director of legal research at the Center for Gun Violence Solutions at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

McCourt said instead the courts will reevaluate the laws and determine whether they violate the Second Amendment.

“These laws may face a new challenge, and that is particularly true for any law governing the public use of weapons that was not previously considered part of the Second Amendment,” McCourt said.

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