Labor wants to help Britain ‘break free from immigration addiction’, says Starmer – LabourList

Keir Starmer will tell the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) that the next Labor government will be “pragmatic” on immigration but that “any move” on our points-based system will come with “new conditions for business”.

Speaking at the body’s conference in Birmingham on Tuesday, the Labor leader is expected to say the “shared goal” of government and business should be to “help the British economy wean itself off its dependence on immigration” and “start investing more in training workers”. they are already here.”

“Migration is a part of our national story – always has been and always will be. And the Labor Party will never reduce its contribution to the economy, public services, your business and our communities.”

“But let me tell you – the days of low pay and cheap labor being part of Britain’s growth path must end.

“Now I know most companies get it. But looking at our economy as a whole, it may seem that we are more comfortable hiring people to work on low-wage, insecure, and sometimes exploitative contracts than to invest in workers, productivity, and the new technology that enables our jobs. country.

“And we can’t compete like that. England’s low wage model must go. It does not serve working people. This is incompatible with radical growth.”

Starmer is expected to say his “big three priorities” will be “economic stability”, “higher skills” and “green growth”. He will argue that “every business in this room has a growth strategy” and that “a nation needs one.”

“Britain deserves better. A new partnership for prosperity. The path to a fairer, greener, more dynamic country. To higher wages, higher skills, higher productivity. To lead the world in the biggest challenge facing our planet. To give the hardworking people a sense of hope, desire and opportunity again”.

The Labor leader will also promise business leaders a “new partnership” with a Labor government, which the party says will be “unlike anything before”. He will tell viewers that Labor has a plan for a “fairer, greener, more dynamic Britain” where “desire is rewarded”.

Starmer told Labor members during his 2020 leadership campaign that he would “bring back” freedom of movement after Brexit. It also included a commitment to “defend free movement when leaving the EU” as one of its ten pledges.

He said earlier this year that his government would not take the UK back into the EU’s single market or restore freedom of movement.

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